Battle for the American Soul: How Liberals, Progressives and Other Thinking People, Must Overcome the Neocons, Extremists and Fanatics of the Republican Party A book by William H. Mee

Battle for the American Soul: how liberals, progressives, independents and other deep thinking people, must overcome the neocons, extremists, radicals, and other fascist fanatics of the Republican Party to determine the best course for America’s future.

The setting for the conflict is of course the 2008 United States of America, and is framed by the Presidential Race.  A clash of two major political parties, their money (numbering in the millions of dollars, now set to exceed a billion dollar expenditure) and their underlying philosophies.  It is a winner take all contest that will set the foundations for the next generation of political debate and the American quality of life.  Who wins is determined by who has the trust of the American People.

But trust can be obtained easily, not by honestly presenting your views, but instead by deceptively framing the views and actions of your opponents.  This is the Karl Rove (Lee Atwater) approach to winning elections.  Keep your base of voters fearful and hungry.  This is what must be exposed to the American People.  This is how the Republican Party machinery has failed the country and the checks and balances of the political system.  This is what we must discuss in this book and drag out the dirt and let the sun shine in.  Sunshine purifies disease and mold.  Sunshine grows good ideas into great action.  We need to separate the supposed religious purity and good messages from the secret underground of the Republican Party.  The Donald Segretti’s bag of dirty tricks that Nixon utilized.  The operations that Vice President Dick Cheney says he runs “from the dark side if you will.”

The “Karl Rove Way” is to utilize interest groups to their maximum advantage and withhold things they want to keep them strung along with the Party’s forward motion.  Appoint more and more Anti-Abortion justices to the courts but withhold the overturning of Roe versus Wade or you lose the stranglehold you have on them.

The radical rabid right wing extremist fanatical fascists of the Republican Party state that their party is the party of “family values.”  The family values theme ties the Party to two building blocks of society: individual families and religious groups.  The family values that Republicans espouse are: banning gay marriage, stopping stem cell research, bombing abortion clinics, promoting abstinence-only over birth control or education, attacking science as an enemy of religion, attacking government as a enemy of religion.

If they were truly a “Party of Family Values” they would be promoting marriage and not fighting gay marriage, advocating stem cell research from non-viable fetuses, promoting abstinence-first sex education, .  These things are acceptable to the majority of Americans.  They are logical, ethical and just.  You and I would vote for a party which truthfully addresses these issues.  Instead the Republican Party spews out half truths and perpetrates myths in order to snare their “base” and a few swing voters—and they win.  Excite the base of voters by creating a phony crisis that you never intend to solve.  Because if you solved it you would lose your power over these individuals.  Fear mongering and pure unadulterated HATE.  These are the true defining values of the Karl Rovian Republican Party.

This book attempts to call them out for who they really are and dispel the need to support this national Party with money and votes.  To have good upstanding Americans move away from the Party and its schemes for several Presidential Election and Congressional Election cycles —until it returns to its roots and to the needs of its base of voters.  To punish the Party and its leading politicians for their bad behavior and criminal activities.  To stop election theft and voter disenfranchisement.

If we reflect upon it in a very fanciful light and in viewpoint of archaic notions, the Republican Party is truly the Grand Old Party (GOP).  The Party of: Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipation Proclamation, Teddy Roosevelt, the National Parks system, and General Eisenhower and the Interstate highway system.  A Party that stood for definite principles of goodness and value—and did important things that have stood the test of time.

But alas, the rugged individualism of the Republican Party of Teddy Roosevelt is gone, the Party of Reagan’s Personal Responsibility has vanished; individuals in the Party now must submit to the hierarchy of the Party, to its prescribed theocracy and hypocrisy.  With a rigid code of enforcement and intolerance—the Party doesn’t get burned, it gets even.  Just ask former Republican Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame.

The real political party that hides behind these laudable achievements and deceptively conceals the McKinley-Harding-Hoover-Goldwater-linked goals of the Party, is the party that uses voters like most individuals use toilet paper.  Used for the dirty work and then tossed away.  This is the unvarnished truth about the Republican Party.

But the good news is that the ultimate reality is that the Republican Party is doomed to final failure.

Why?  The Incredible Shrinking GOP is a natural phenomena.  The Party does not have the benefits that appeal to the majority of Americans that would sustain it as a real majority party.  It can only deceive people for a generation until they break away and realize that the party’s “inner philosophies” are damaging to the average American—the principle that voting against their own best interests is harmful.

Ordinary people vote for the Republican Party because they feel they are a just a little better off than the next guy or stand a better chance to be upwardly mobile, yet, they are fooling themselves.  The hidden thinking of this personal political debate are difficult to expose because people cannot admit they might be wrong on this economic gamble.  It is like confronting someone on their own religion and why they belong to a church

The inner philosophies of this political strategy is the thinking that you offer people a vision that they want to hear even if it is contrary to what you want to really accomplish.  Deceit you say?  Why yes it is, but that is the standard of the modern political era.  Gone are the days of the truly accountable politician where his word was his bond with the people.

This isn’t just a game, it is harsh reality.  Politics is a winner take all proposition not a fair sporting event where sportsmanship is rewarded with a trophy.  It is not a game of chance where the loser simply walks away from the gaming table and takes with them the humility of only losing some money.  This arena of politics sees the life and death struggle of the political parties.  The losing party dooms its members to a lifetime of perceived poverty; the Republicans will feel like they don’t have enough money and the Democrats will live through not having any money.  Quality of life of the present generation and the hope of the future are the victims of losing the battle.  The K-Street escapades of the  Republican Party changed the face of politics and set the bar higher than ever.  Rep. Tom Delay, the Hammer, and his cohorts developed a “No Quarter” atmosphere that Bush saw fit to leave untouched.

Lee Atwater, President George  H. Bush’s political director, set the rules for the no-holds-barred contest between Republicans and the Democratic Party.  Karl Rove took his playbook and expanded upon it.  Dick Cheney’s maneuvering behind the scenes is symptomatic of it.  George W. Bush’s smirk is the sad policy face of it all.

The new Neocons grasped upon the fundamental weakness of the Democratic Party: it tries to be all things to all people.  It truly attempts to be the “Party of the Big Tent.”  This is the label that the Republican Party now attempts to claim—and to some extent has always been the reality in the Democratic Party.  This is the factor that loses elections when you make too many promises to too many diverse and opposing fractions.

Americans need to reject the lure and the death grip of the Republican Party outright, or our society dies.  There is a real lure of the Republican Party—that if you work hard and back the Party you will achieve the American Dream.  You will achieve the American Dream as an individual while the rest of your class is held back to make it on their own.  You are the rugged individual alone in the wilderness and you can not trust anyone but yourself and the Republican Party to succeed.  These of course are myths that are perpetrated to mobilize the masses and confuse the issues.

For one issue voters, those concerned with abortion, gay marriage, death tax, prayer in the schools, second amendment rights, creationism, prescription drugs, Rapturists (those seeking the End Times), and the backers of Israel; all are offered a carrot and not the stick of the Republican Party.  Party support is offered for these faux issues in order to co-opt these people.  But the support is not to solve these issues by offering a constitutional amendment or a judge but rather to string along the continued support for the Party.  Packing the Supreme Court in order to overturn Roe versus Wade is considered to be the death of the Republican Party’s future.

A second tier of voters think about such issues as: school vouchers, social security privatization, the Global War on terror (GWOT), the Iraq War (occupation); and they feel safer with Republicans in office.

Why?  Because Republicans seem strong on defense and law enforcement, many Americans will vote for them.  Correspondingly, in the Libertarian world view these are the only two areas that government should be legitimately providing services.

With little surprise Karl Rove’s espoused hero is the chief of staff of President McKinley.

Chris Matthews on his August 19th, 2007 television show says that Republicans are looking for a leader and Democrats for a meeting.

Politics is the one driving force behind all the inertia of America life and society.  It is responsible for all benefits afforded to citizens.  From that road you drive to work on, to your education, to the mail you receive, to the clean air you breath, to the power behind the light you are reading this with; all is do to smooth governmental operations.

Responsibilities are voting, paying taxes, and following the Rule of Law.

The author’s job here is to develop a sense of realism for the reader

Which leads them to the conclusion that government is better run when Republicans are not in charge.

We need a positive view of the future to continue reading this book and to continue participating in the process.  Thanks for reading this.