It is time to Wake Up America!

We are in a time in our Nation, and for the World, when the attacks on and hatred of the Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement are set to either propel the movement or destroy the very society we live in.  The challenge of our time is to define ourselves as people and not sheep that can be herded up and led to slaughter whenever the master so desires.  The master purges the herd for sport and spite, and not for any real need (for meat).  This is a revolution of ideas, equality and social justice that is being smothered by greed, hatred and the evil masters of the universe.

We are living in a time when opportunities, education and free will are being suppressed by those who profit by control and back rooms deals.  Obama is not our collective leader but neither is he the enemy (or foreigner—Muslim) that so many on the right make him out to be.  Congressional Republicans and the rich are the puppet masters of the source of all our problems: unemployment, shrinking pensions, crime, unfair taxation, lack of Wall Street regulations, thefts by banking and oil interests, corporate power, lobbyists, unsafe working conditions, low wages, supply-side and trickle-down economics, soaring health care costs, etc., (insert your woes here).  The Tea Party has acted as their hand maidens.  Now is the time for them to join us and throw off their real chains of oppression.

We need to stand together or hang alone (just as our Founding fathers did).   The forces against us are powerful and intimidating, and all too vindictive.  They will use anything and everything within their means to maintain the status quo which is a continuing declining balance of your household’s assets and income.   They gobble up your money whenever wages go down or inflation kicks in.  They want to return you to a feudal system of serfdom (the poor houses of Charles Dickens).  Slavery was the greatest economic system for them (and they structured the political system to their advantage: slaves as 3/5 person, two senators per state, the Electoral College, and the 2nd Amendment’s militia which is the southern “slave patrol”).  The income inequality gap has widened to its widest levels since the Republican Great Depression of 1929 (