What will happen to America under another four years of President Obama?   What will the country look like?  How will it affect you the reader?   What if any of the Republicans were elected, how bad would things really get?

Imagine if the Occupy Wall Street movement helps to reverse the negativity and destructiveness of the present 2011 Congress and Obama has a partner for the first time.  In the year 2016, you get a small check from the utility company for the excess power your solar panels are generating.  You stopped paying for gas and electricity a couple of years ago and the family budget really appreciated that.   Because home heating oil use is down across the country the annual wild speculation of this commodity has stopped the gouging on gasoline during the heating season.

Your life is definitely getting better, the madness on the financial markets is in control and the rich are finally paying their fair share in taxes.  The gap in income equality is getting better after the United States was the worst in the world and in human history.  New regulations were enacted that limit a CEO’s salary to 250 times the average salary of the workers (it had been slightly over 1,000 times).  Bonuses are paid only if the company makes a profit from its regular line of business and not by the financial gimmicks of laying off workers and selling off assets.   CEO salaries are actually docked if the company loses money and their is an automatic garnishment on their financial assets that they hold in trust for just this purpose.  These proposals garnered so much hatred by Wall Street that they engaged in a plot to assassinate Obama.  After the plot was discovered, the public turned so against the financial industry that many reforms were instituted.

Some larger banks were broken up by the U.S. Attorney General’s Office and many states now have their own state banks.  There was a lot of talk of nationalizing the banks.

Agricultural subsidies were removed and food is cheaper, back to 2008 prices.  The subsidies for oil and coal were also finally removed, after it was exposed that they were engaging in election fraud in a massive voter suppression network initially started by the Billionaire Koch Brothers and covertly funded by Fox News executives.

The jobs picture was finally able to be addressed.  No one was addressing the fact that 54,000 factories closed in the years 2001-2007 and the loss was 10-14 million jobs (this type of tactic was totally exploited by Republican candidate Mitt Romney to develop his own personal fortune).  That we had switched from a production society to a speculation society.   The obstructionist Republican Congress had its back broken by angry voters and sanity was reintroduced.  Congressional approval 9% in 2011 sank to 2% in 2012 and is now up to 37%.

On the Health Care front, reports indicated that the lives of over one million people were saved by allowing pre-existing coverages to be covered.  The average policy price has been reduced by 127%.  More people are covered than ever before and less pandemic disease outbreaks have occurred.  Emergency room visits are done and well care and preventive care is up; thus causing the cost savings.  The links between cash contributions of insurance company CEO’s and the formation of local Tea Party chapters was exposed on CBS News.

Obama’s opponent in the Presidential election was Michelle Bachmann and her Vice Presidential candidate she was forced to accept in the 19 ballots at the Republican Convention was Libertarian Ron Paul (the big scandal was an effigy of Obama was hanged and burned outside of the convention center by people identified as Tea Party patriots—later it turned out they were former Aryan Nation supporters which the Tea Party had dismissed from their ranks once discovered).   The pair of them although bitter rivals, actually agreed on ending Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Their plans to retain the Bush Tax Cuts and expand them were found to lead us into the second Republican Great Depression during the campaign.  Their plans to reduce environmental regulations to create more jobs were found out to be linked to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s meeting of the top 100 production companies which were illegally funding campaigns.

So you and I are a lot better off in 2016.