Humankind are liberal beings.  The ability and reflexes of human thought and action require it.  There is nothing “anti-liberal” about it.  Those tendencies of sticking your head in the sand and waiting for danger to pass, went extinct with the Nethanderal.  The definition of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (modern man) is wise, rational man. A thinking being. Humankind became different from other animals because they were confronted with a situation and thought their way out of it instead of just reacting.

America is a creation of liberal minds who valued individual freedom but sought to protect the collective community of expression.  What modern critics in 2010 call “socialism.”

Ever since that first caveman had the liberal idea of fire or the wheel; mankind had shed its conservatism or the anti-liberal forces wanting the status quo (e.g., the saber tooth tiger coming back every two days and eating someone—fire let humans dominate the landscape).  Humankind used its liberalism to think. An arrowhead was made—but there was always a liberal person in the tribe that could make a better one….

Change and progress were the Agenda, with hope and opportunity the benefactors.  We moved forward until periods and eons like the Dark Ages; where new ideas, change and science were the enemy—and the mythology was that religion, obedience and loyalty to the king would tame all evils.  Fear was the master of the day and darkness the environment. As the Black Death wiped the population, the Pope and the Kings became even more restrictive in their rule and the philosophies became more extreme until the saviors like Joan of Arc were burnt at the stake and change agents were labeled “witches” and “blasphemy.”  Medicine slipped into the black hole of applying leeches to suck the evil out of someone. The idea was that the sick deserved to die because they had done something wrong to attract evil to them. Mankind was inherently evil and needed to suffer for our sins. Positive influences were ostracized from society.  Thought and free-will were concepts that needed to be oppressed; fear and mistrust were the masters of the realm. Liberalism was a black magic to be avoided. Look at art of the period and it is dark and unhappy. Knowledge was taken away and stored with monks in inaccessible locations.

Then we entered into the Age of Enlightenment. Things started to change and liberalism was embraced. Liberalism was the creator of education, health care/medicine, government/law and order, agriculture, free enterprise, peace and prosperity, art, science and technology.  Anti-liberalism was the instigator of greed, deceit, fraud, banking, disaster capitalism, wars, the Republican Party and ultimate failure.

I don’t really think the opposite of liberal is conservative. Because you can be a fiscally conservative liberal. This is what the media wants us to believe because last election cycle they made trillions pitting people against each other. Just by us communicating we are having a liberal conversation not an anti-liberal one. An anti-liberal one would probably be unintelligible to either of us… Remember Jesus was a Liberal and so was Mohammed, Budda, Ghandi, etc. Even atheists who believe in no religion, believe in and follow the Golden Rule.  You can not be religious and not be a liberal, or you just don’t understand the definition of liberal or the meaning of your religion (hence this article).

Amazing to think that uneducated or corrupt people use the word “Liberal” to alienate, name-call, and divide people from the truth, hope and the pursuit of happiness….