In a article by Lynn Parramore

on 05/19/2009at this website:

The author says, George Will said:

Before we go into a new New Deal, can we just acknowledge that the first New Deal didn’t work?”

Why is George Will a Deal Breaker?

George Will, known as a “movement conservative,” is an American columnist, journalist and author. He has a syndicated column appearing in more 450 newspapers, a twice-monthly essay in Newsweek and a regular slot on ABC’s This Week as the show’s resident conservative. As one of the most prominent conservative commentators in recent decades, Will has a reputation for being the “thinking man’s conservative,” giving the impression of soft-spoken reasonability. However, many think Will’s reputation for intellectual rigor and integrity is declining.

Will has consistently argued that FDR’s New Deal turned a depression into the Great Depression by sending confusing signals to capitalists.

My answer is this:

George Will is a multimillionaire and uses his media position to defend his great wealth and to accumulate more.  This said, it is hardly worth reading anything he writes or says.  He is Republican Party to the core and ignores the “inconvenient truths” about the Party’s history (like in the 1920’s Indiana where they lynched Jews, Catholics, Blacks and Hispanics and tried to run a KKK member as President D.C. Stevenson; Rep. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s use of the California Democratic Party’s donor list of 100,000 names to come up with 60,000 communists to be blacklisted, so he could knock out any Hollywood money and walk into the White House in a future presidential bid; Nixon’s deal through Madame Claire Chennault (legendary WWII Flying Tigers leader), thru Henry Kissinger, to cut a deal with the North Vietnamese in 1968; Reagan’s deal with Iran over the hostages for drugs and arms in El Salvador/Contras; Bush’s stealing of the 2000 election and his two illegal wars; etc.)  Republican Barry Goldwater did not say that “treason and fraud” in defense of liberty is not a vice.  Yet, this is what his party is all about…..