Tax the Rich

So our national political plan since 1980 is give everything to the rich and they will take care of us.  Well it hasn’t worked especially in light of the majority of tax cuts being invested overseas.  Tax cuts are making the rich lazy.  They need to do nothing for them.  They get money for absolutely no effort.  So let’s start taxing them higher and if they want to make more money they will start to have to work harder.  Say, to work at creating jobs in the USA for one thing, instead of ending jobs here.  This is a new motivational tool: higher taxes on the rich; make them job creators again!

These guys have effectively turned our country over to China and India in trying to make the last buck before the economy implodes.  They have no ethics, no morals, and no motivation to make this a better country.  All they can do it blame Clint Eastwood for selling out!

No, the Republican mantra of: “the rich will take care of you” hasn’t panned out in the Panic of 1893 or the Republican Great Depression of 1929, or the Republican Recession of 2008; why should it work in 2012?

This dialog is not going to win me any friends in the 1%……So I await the insults.

Whenever someone calls you a liberal and thinks they are insulting you… you know there is no hope 😦 in talking to them.   Because as we have written here at these posts, being a liberal is the best you can be.  When you try to reason with this person, the insults increase and you are a socialist and an Obama mama, etc.

Truth be told, everything the Rich supporters believe in or have said is probably just a talking point created by Fox News or Rush Limpballs.  It is a sad existence, aspiring to be rich……

You know you can never be rich.  This isn’t the real American Dream.  The Dream is to one day retire and have a pittance of an income that keeps you from digging ditches at age 80, when it physically is impossible.  Then also you want your kids to do better than you did.  Maybe they can become millionaires.  Yes, dream on!  We need equality and that can only be achieved through higher taxes on the Rich.

Your addiction to Reaganomics and the belief that someday you too can become rich is insanity.  Trickle Down Theory and supply-side economics created by David Stockman, the Reagan Budget Director, was in his own words: “a lie.”

But wait —you too— can become a millionaire!  After 25 years of working at a job, your salary should be at least $50,000 a year.  Work there another 20 years and you will have earned ONE MILLION DOLLARS!  Just don’t spend any of it on food, health care or gas getting to work!

See how ridiculous it is?

In almost all industries, whether it be digging ditches or typing behind a computer, after twenty-five years of working you are so broken physically (back, neck, vision, carpel tunnel, migraines, etc.) and maybe mentally, that it is easier to replace you with another new person than to allow you to go another twenty-five years at a faster rate.  A young 18-25 years old is also less likely to complain about dangerous or illegal working conditions.

Conversely, bringing in new people can allow young families to have stable salaries and they might have fresh ideas.  I think our state government has finally gotten rid of those people who said: “I will not touch a computer” and they didn’t……

The era of twenty five years and a gold watch are over now, you just lose your job to a Chinese person willing to suck chemicals for a living….

You have to constantly be in fear of losing your job to a younger person or brownnose—or that it will go overseas…….

I recently commented in our local paper on an article, where others put on-line comments that: “police and firefighters shouldn’t get pensions.”  I called this line of thinking Tea Party lunacy and I would add to this: do you want a 55 or 60 year old cop running after an 18 year old burglar and not catching him; then the burglar shoots you the next day in an attempt at your home?  Or an equally as old fireman climbing up a ladder with a hose having a heart attack and then shorthanded your house burns down?

1 in 2 Americans are now in poverty or classified as low income:
I wonder how bad it has to become before there is open warfare, We the 99% are very restrained.  There was a time when the RICH, the 1%, were dragged into the street and their possessions divided by the 99% in the 1789 French Revolution —you know the “Let Them Eat Cake” history…..

The solution to all our country’s woes is simple: TAX THE RICH!  It is a policy that can be favored by the 99%.