The recent revelations that Mitt Romney is installing an elevator for his cars at his California beach house, shows how out-of-touch he is.  This really sets him apart from the rest of Americans.  In the MegaMillions lottery drawing of March 30, 2012 $500 million was on the line, but after taxes it still would be less than the Romney fortune made on the backs of laid off workers.

America thought it was wrong for John McCain to own 8 houses; so they are definitely not going to like Mitt Romney’s fifteen (15)!  That means at every house you must have at least one car parked and either you need a key valet, an actual person in charge of all your keys at one time, or you need live-in staff at each house.  Then where is the schedule for all those 15 houses to cover up the air conditioner and change the filter on the heater and who is going to do this?  I don’t picture Mitt on a ladder.  Then where is the schedule for all those 15 cars to get an oil change and who is going to take them?  Maybe this is Mitt’s “Jobs Plan”—buy more houses for himself.   American is not contemptible of success it just doesn’t like excess.  Especially when that excess is hidden from the public knowledge to get the job of President.  This is deceit.  We want someone we can trust.

Romney says he will release his taxes in April—a far cry from his dad, George, that ran for President in 1968 and released 12 years of taxes a year before the election.  Mitt inherited a lot from George and this launched him into being super wealthy.  Mitt’s claim that he doesn’t earn very much from speeches—and it turns out to be $374,000 (like 6 times the median salary of the average Joe) shows how out of touch he is with reality.

The Mitt’s employment history has been called by the American Progress think tank as: “Romney Record at Bain: Bankruptcies, Bailouts, & Mass Layoffs” and I think this best summarizes it (” \t “_blank).  He says he “worked at one company, Bain, for 25 years.”   The quote actually being featured in his own campaign commercials.  Romney and Bain maximized returns by firing workers, stripping pension and health benefit funds, getting government subsidies, and generally flipping the companies ASAP for large profits.  Romney and the company partners raked in billions of dollars in profits and Romney, for himself, amassed a quarter-billion dollar fortune.

The fact that Romney is keeping most of his money off-shore in investments should be troubling to every American and disqualify him from being a serious candidate this go-around.  In fact, he should of taken this opportunity of running to convert it to state and local bonds and said “I believe in rebuilding America!; join me in creating a financial shift to get this country back on its feet.”

The fact that any political party would run this candidate and pick him as its choice in these hard times as some type of economic solution—should be enough to reject this party on every level that they are running candidates.   It was this type of economic thinking and these types of Wall Street insider traders that got us into the mess we are in today.  It was policies that allow the income gap to widen and become the largest inequality in the history of mankind; greater than when Nero fiddled as Rome burned.

The deregulation of the financial sector that the Republican Party clamors for now is the slow path of economic destruction we have been on since 1980.  The elimination of the middle class to enhance the wealth of the very few; the very elite and very extreme; has destroyed every major civilization since ancient Rome.  Think French Revolution and let them eat cake.  What the Republicans are advocating for is insane: another war with Iran, after getting out of Iraq, the bottomless money and blood pit.  We rejected the NeoCon philosophy when we turned out George W. Bush.  To go around the world and get their oil—cost us more in misfortune than it ever produced in success.  Republican Rumsfeld’s prediction of 6 weeks or 6 months turned into 10 years.  We cannot forget how wrong they were in every facet of American life: the housing market, the stock market, the protection of pensions, the growth of the economy, the conversion of Social Security into private accounts, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, and Katrina.  I think maybe everything they did was flawed—and you would even consider putting them in power at any level?  To the Republican base they even failed in those issues that are Dog Whistle Politics for them: immigration, Affirmative Action, abortion, God and gays.  So why give them another chance to fail you?