The Plantation-Owner mentality

Now that South Carolina is over, and Florida is shaping up to be a battle, we can talk about the root causes of prejudice in this country.  Roots that go back before the Founding Fathers, that group of patriots that plantation owners are so fond of speaking of.

The Plantation-Owner mentality of the South must be exposed and gotten rid of.  From the earliest beginning of this country the Plantation-Owner mentality fostered a culture of religious intolerance which was the main reason for leaving the countries of Europe.  The Plantation-Owner mentality is deeply rooted in its oxymorons.  Then during the Revolutionary War starting in 1775, the Plantation-Owner mentality was expressed by the Tories who wanted to remain loyal to the British Crown because they perceived they had so much to lose.  Why would they take the risk of backing democracy and free enterprise when it might cut into the bottom line?

It was this kind of thinking that created the Constitution mandated slaves as 3/5 of a person, so that the owners had all of the power of the voting slave and didn’t have to share any of the wealth.   The Plantation-Owner mentality was able to convince poor white southerners to for a cause for patriotism alone.  It was an economic system of slavery, or more simply free labor, that actually held the wages of the poor white people down.  By fighting for the South, the Confederacy, they actually doomed themselves to another 100 years of poverty.

This practice of the Plantation-Owner mentality has been extended to today where poor whites in the South vote against their best interests because they are “beholding to the Man.”   Their votes are bought by the Plantation-Owner politician saying in Dog Whistle Politics speak: God, gays, immigration, Affirmative Action, and abortion; witness the 2012 Republican Primaries in South Carolina and Florida.  They suppress unions and wages to hold the workers in strict obedience.

The Sheldon Adelson’s of the world, the billionaire now backing the Newt Gingrich 527 group (, would love to see a return to the plantation days, so would Newt.  Sheldon believes that unions should be eliminated so that workers are no so uppity.  Wanting safety, better pay and worker’s rights; that all cuts into the bottom line of excessive profits.

Newt’s childhood was spent in Georgia amongst the proponents of the “South Will Rise Again.”   But the Civil War is over by 146 years, and someone forgot to teach this to a great majority of those southern states.  The Tea Party is also ignorant of this fact.  Rick Perry is claiming the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as his right to succeed from the Union (and the 11th and 14th amendments are regularly used out of context by candidates in this Republican Primary).

The Plantation-Owner mentality leads to the statement: there is a Black Man in the WHITE House.  A code speak for “the darkies are getting uppity.”  It is almost as is we are back to 1660 Georgia……

Cotton was King in the South and was able to kill hemp as a clothing materials source.  The cotton gin and industrialization made it possible to plantation owners to reap insane profits.  Then finally other materials started to eclipse cotton.  The plantation owners started to diversify into oil and coal.  Without having dependence of oil, the 1% suffering the Plantation-Owner mentality, cannot gouge the American consumer for obscene profits.  Information, democracy and communication about the Plantation-Owner mentality will eventually kill this malady.