Mitt Romney embodies everything that is wrong with America in 2012. It is not about “poor man turns rich and does well.” It is: “son of privilege uses connections, foreign investments and Swiss bank accounts, commodities manipulation, bankruptcy, company asset stripping, and insider trading to: amass great wealth, avoid Vietnam service, use illegals on his grounds, ship jobs overseas and build needless car elevator for own personal vanity.” Romney comes from a culture of protecting wealth. Wealth is the most important defining family characteristic. Not education, not public service, not personal character; just raw unadulterated money. He thinks he is a “risk taker” because of his time at Bain Capital. But he played there with other people’s money and that is not a risk. Gambling a widow’s pension on taking an American firm down and moving those jobs to China is not a risk; but a sure bet for the foreign nationals. It might be closer to being treason than it is to being an entrepreneur. In fact, running for President does make this a treasonable offense—raising the level of the crimes to a much higher standard than those of a private citizen. Before George W. Bush’s two terms and his deregulation most of these practices were against federal law. Then on April 11th, 2012, Hilary Rosen, a Democratic pundit who dismissed Ann Romney’s knowledge about the economy by saying she “never worked a day in her life” launched a GOP fire storm. Of course it was greatly taken out of context: “His wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” Rosen said on Anderson Cooper’s “AC360” show. “She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we — why we worry about their future.” Two hours later, Ann Romney debuted a new Twitter account, @AnnDRomney, and wrote: “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work.” This is not about Ann Romney being a stay at home mom; it is about the extreme excess used to raise five kids when millions of kids in this country go to bed hungry each night. Four nannies and other household staff that make a stay-at-home mom’s job completely easy, other than supervision. It is a lot like the CAR elevator at Romney’s beach house. That Mitt can take time out of a busy Presidential Campaign to review houseplans and can install a symbol that is of such extreme excess it is obscene. There are people who are handicapped across this nation, that need but cannot afford a “people” elevator. As we speak there are hundreds of thousands of American widows dragging their bad hips across a couple steps in their house because they can’t even afford a ramp, no less an elevator. Being so out of touch with reality disqualifies Mitt Romney as a legitimate Presidential choice to the 99%. You have it, but don’t flaunt it in our faces during the campaign. That is not success, it is failure to understand the little guy. This is what Regan and the Bushes did; they chose to act like the common man not the tycoons they were. Mitt say the President is attacking success and I say Obama is pointing out vanity. It is not just that Mitt Romney has a Swiss Bank Account. It is that he has $3 million dollars in it. This is more than 97% of Americans will ever make in their total lifetimes. What is he planning for? Does he think that America is so broken he may have to live abroad? That if he is elected there will be a mini-revolution and he will need to stay out of the country for awhile to be safe? Or that American banks will fail if he enacts his policies? What interest rate does he earn that is so much better than investing in America the country he purports to lead? Wouldn’t it be a great statement if he brought the money back and created some kind of jobs program? Mitt Romney in January talked about his book that stated that moms should go to work even if they have a child less than two years old, even if this costs the state too much money. Flip Flop Mitt at work (by the way he hasn’t held a job for the last ten years other than running for office and losing). Mitt Romney is only a dedicated crusader with a vision for how much of America the 1% will control. He has his pulse on reality; the reality that the American Dream is over (and he and his ilk are doing everything they can to kill it because it makes them more money). At every possible juncture he has assured his friends at NASCAR (the owners), NASDAQ (the owners), the NFL (the owners), NCAA (the Platinum club of the Alumni Association); that he will watch out for their interests and he knows how they feel. He went to these places because these are things the little guy is thinking about. Unfortunately, the little guys seats are just so far, far, far away. But be reassured, they will not fall victim to his Etch-A Sketch philosophy (the Owners I mean not the Little Guy). He takes every opportunity to be one of us, the 99%, but stumbles and winds up with his foot in his mouth. Gerald Ford might have been caricatured as this during his presidency and in the 1976 campaign—but Mitt can exceed him at every turn because he is successful. Even this headline: “Ann Romney had blind trust at Goldman Sachs sex trafficking fund” This is clearly not the Romney’s fault. When you have more money than 99.4% of Americans, you clearly don’t know what to do with it all and questionable investments can arise from time to time. When you have thousands of investments you cannot keep tabs on it all. The important point is that these funds are creating jobs. The jobs are overseas and are for underage sex workers—but they need money too! This is why the Romney’s are so generous with their money: a pimp had an idea to round up some underage girls—this is capitalism at its roots. Rich men with money want sex and their wives are unable to provide it, so turn the dirty job over to teenagers. Teenagers are some of the most unemployed segments of our population with rates higher than 30%. The Romney’s are geniuses for attacking these problems head-on (excuse the pun). Mitt’s many comments on firing people are a little troubling. His comments on trees and pancakes are also out of touch with reality. His debates performances made him look more like a right-wing lunatic than the balanced person who can be President of ALL THE PEOPLE. His need to “out-do” the other candidates in insanity should all give us pause. Reagan’s election in 1980 started a trend of offshoring jobs, reducing unions, pension busting, shifting federal revenue sharing dollars to increased taxes at state and local levels, and automating many plants so that manufacturing jobs slipped from 25% of all jobs to less than 8%. Tens of millions of jobs have been lost by Republican policies—to the point that we don’t know how many. Maybe over 40 million at an average wage of $25 an hour? Sure a number of strip malls were built all across America and it looked like prosperity—there was even a Starbucks was within one mile driving distance of 50% of Americans. But those jobs only paid $7.25 (minimum wage) to $11.00 an hour. Making the net loss of income to American families since 1980 hundreds of billions of dollars, if not in the trillions.

The 99% is like Mitt Romney’s dog hugging for life upon that stationwagon rooftop as it speeds down the turnpike of Bain Capital’s capitalism (send all the jobs to China).

The Republican 3-S strategy: keep people sick, scared and stupid is alive and well with Mitt at its helm. So what the Titanic was 100 years ago on April 12th; it is full speed ahead! Watch out for those trees…..