The Perfect Storm of Politics:

Writing a Diatribe to Change a Tea Partier’s Mind.

When I first heard about the Tea Party I was intrigued and felt that such a popular movement would put the Republican and Democrat Parties on notice.  It seemed like an attempt at a Bull Moose party (Progressive Party) of Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 or a Reform Party of H. Ross Perot in 1992 or an Independent Party of John B. Anderson in 1980.  A refreshing attempt at populism and progressiveness; when the major parties are so entrenched, stagnant and dilapidating.

But then I found out that the Billionaire Koch Brothers, and other oil barons, were funding former U.S. Representative Dick Armey to recruit Tea Party members and fund their activities under cover of the health care debate and to bolster the failing Republican Party.  Members who are ordinary people who were concerned about freedom, the federal debt, and the Constitution—were being bought and sold by corporate interests that have corrupted our political system and threaten the very existence of you the reader’s way of life (If you doubt that oil men have not had a role in American Politics, please review the Bush-Cheney years.).

I thought the Tea Party was interested in solving our American problems: the rising ‘disparity in wealth’, the ‘outsourcing’ of jobs overseas, and ‘energy independence.’  Then I found out that their funders actually like the way things are and want them to become even worse for the American People.  Any one of those three issues, if solved, would put a dent in the bottom-line for this secret cabal.

I saw the signs that average Tea Partiers were holding at Health Care rallies in early 2009 and found them disgusting and uninformed.  Send ObamaCare back to Kenya, Stop Death Panels, Don’t Spend Our Grandchildren’s Money, Where is his Birth Certificate?, and Obama is a Socialist-Nazi.  Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and Fox News maximized theirs profits, and rode the Tea Party like a young mare and put them away wet.  This hatred and disinformation campaign continued up and through the Glenn Beck Rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I think it is more about there is a “Black man in the WHITE House” then anything else.  Coded words for a “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” mentality, or “This is an uppity guy who doesn’t know his place.”


It is easy to incite a riot but harder to inform the public.


It is quicker to say “No” than “to know” the truth.


It is faster to develop hatred than to foster peace.


We need civilized debate and not just slogans and chalkboard pep talks designed to confuse the issues and put people at odds.

The facts are that our country’s problems date back to 1980, if not back to Vietnam (1970’s) or the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963).  Maybe even Major General’s Smedley D. Butler’s Conspiracy of 1933 (, FDR’s “Forgotten Man” campaign of 1932 ( or the “Panic of 1893” (

These are all events which jeopardized the middle class and democracy to the point of extinction, and enabled the empowerment of a form of economic slavery and serfdom.  Things the Tea Party should care about, but apparently don’t.  I am going to lay out a few points that I hope you will read the links to.  Then if I haven’t convinced you let’s forget about it.


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