Marriage equality – Same Sex Marriage



In this Marriage equality – Same Sex Marriage discussion, the thing that has been forgotten is that many of the voting initiatives include not only gays, lesbians and transgendered people but also those LIVING IN SIN.  Oh my God!  Unmarried couples who do not have an official ceremony or live in a Common Law state.  They are now to be denied insurance coverage and the right to visit someone in the hospital.  Even married couples married through the state and not the church may fall into the trap set by religious fanatics pushing the legislation in 30 states so far.  Is it a recipe for a bigger disaster?

Yet, how many of these “Civil Unions” or common law unions are working 70-80%?  How many children have been successfully raised in these households?  How many civil unions or common law unions lead to sustainable marriages that do not ultimately end up in divorce like 75% of traditional marriages?  Are we trying to protect the sanctity of marriage at the expense of a good society?

These people are working, paying taxes, raising children and are the victims of the religious do-gooders.  Domestic partnership legislation may be impaired.