A couple of years ago, I was thinking that President Obama was too weak to get things done in Washington; just too nice of a guy to get tough.  The kind of guy that “goes along to get along.”  Perhaps he didn’t have a spine—always having to be the token minority.

I thought that maybe the Democratic Party would run an alternative, or he would step aside and at the Democratic Convention someone like a Hillary would come forward.  All along I also worried that the first African American President would be assassinated and would have to be replaced.  I remembered the Kennedys, and Dr. King, and knew the radical right liked taking good things away from this country.

There was a small movement to ask him to step aside.

Then the Occupy Wall Street movement started and everyone was a part of the 99%.

Then I saw Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell officially say that the Republicans job was to make Obama a one term President.   A fellow Senator saying this when the Senate has always been run as a country club with the first rule being speak no ill of members or former members like Senator Obama.  Maybe it was his racist upbringing in Kentucky speaking.  Certainly this was the case for South Carolina Senator Jim Demint.


Then Minority Leader Representative Eric Cantor and his Tea Party compatriots started labeling Obama as a socialist or a big spender and debt creator.  Failing to see the majority of debt and expenditures were created exclusively by the Republican Party since Reagan in 1980.  See the Two Santa Claus Theory as to the strategy.


Then Vice President Joe Biden said that Obama acted to take out Osama bin Laden against his advice and the advice of others.  He was bold and decisive.


Finally, I realized that we need to stand behind our President by opposing those bigots and ultra rich people who are now actively destroying the American Dream and in fact our country.  Selling out to China and India.  Putting money overseas, moving jobs away, and stealing pension money and pocketing it.  Playing the Wall Street games without any care to the economy or the little guy.  Stand behind Obama.