Well, I’m probably technically not in the 47% (which by the way Mitt is 46% according to the U.S. Census Bureau—you know figures don’t lie but liars will figure), but I feel allied with them against the ultra rich, the 1%, the Republican Party, Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan; a relatively small group of people that feel that they are indispensable and everyone else is dead weight.  You know the “lower the life boats for the rich and keep the band playing” mentality on the Titanic.  I am retired but I pay income tax on my state pension thus excluding me from the 46-47%.

I titled this piece “The 47% Talk Back To the Masters” because I feel people like Mitt Romney have a sense of entitlement to the almost legal slavery of their workers.   You know that: “how dare they speak back to us!” thinking of a Marie Antoinette.  Now before you jump to conclusions, I am not advocating revolution, but clearly past societies have reacted in that matter when the rich fail to pay their fair share for the operating costs of a healthy society.  That entitlement makes Mitt Romney, and his billionaire backers like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, say some stupid things in public—but this is really what they believe in their core.  They believe they are exceptional and did it all on their own, no parents, no teachers, no Interstate Highway system; just Me, Me, Me. But the Koch brothers inherited millions from their dad, Fred, who made his fortune trading weapons to Communist Russia (how patriotic for an American!; then he participated in the Business Coup against FDR trying to dispose the President and start a new World Order).  Adelson has some great wealth coming from laundering drug money in his casinos—just another outstanding example for young businessmen reading Ayn Rand.

Mitt Romney’s statement that the 47% are “victims” is probably more accurate than any of us know without full disclosure of his taxes.  How many hundreds of thousands of jobs were shipped to China by Bain Capital—thus making the former workers “victims” of his greed.  Mitt makes money the old fashioned way he screws people out of it; a way that regulations after the Great Republican Depression of 1929 outlawed.  But then came Ronnie Raygun to repeal them.

The cards are definitely stacked against the 47% and for that matter the 99%.  Electing Mitt Romney will most likely codify that into law.  If it is not under our U.S. Constitutional system it will be under the Law of the Jungle.  The strong and ruthless will survive, and the weak victims will serve the master…..