Right wing pundits claim there is “class warfare” when someone mentions the ultra-rich or mega-corporations should pay their fair share of taxes; or the actual costs to operate society.  I prefer to call a spade a spade, and what is going on is really “Class Extermination.”  There is no “War” going on.  Unless the rich are armed with nuclear weapons and the rest of us, the 99%, are armed with rocks; then maybe we have classified the conditions of this so called War.

If there was a War, there would be casualties.  I guess the poor and the middle class have taken broadsides that have made both classes almost extinct.  But the rich have morphed into: very rich, filthy rich, stinking filthy rich and ultra-rich.  The old millionaire has been replaced with the mega-billionaire.  Tax plans calling on taxing anyone with more than $250,000 a year income ($119.73 an hour) have moved on to a million dollars a year, or $478.93 an hour.  I guess the American Dream may be a casualty as polling shows that a majority of Americans say their children will not have a better life than they did.

The only casualties of the rich since 1970 have been John Keating of the Keating Five (and millionaire Senator John McCain escaped that one), and Bernie Madoff.  Madoff may be the only one who has gone to prison in the last 42 years for acting inappropriate while rich.  Thief, fraud and insider trading are the only ways to get rich in this country today; and getting caught is the “crime” to the class of rich.  In the financial meltdown of 2008, what we find out now is the second great Republican Depression after 1929 (the Panic of 1894 should also be added here as the fault of the Republicans), no one went to jail—or was even prosecuted.  The many Ponzi schemes were overlooked by Wall Street lawyer Attorney General Eric Holder.  All of these financial schemes were illegal until 1980 when Republican Ronald Reagan took office.   There is a reason they were illegal, the bubbles and distress on the economy that these financial schemes threaten, can take the whole system down.

There is no class warfare when the American society worships the rich and thinks they too will be rich one day.  Just look at television: the Lives of the Rich and Famous; Donald Trump’s your fired; Shark Tank; largest houses in the United States, largest yachts of the world (with one now costing a billion dollars); most expensive hotel rooms in the world; when presidential candidates have car elevators for their secondary beach house in Malibu (Mitt Romney).

It is not us against them, it is them against us.  They own the politicians and are shifting the tax burden to the little guy by legislation.  State and local governments find themselves cash strapped with the loss of Revenue Sharing (Reagan) and local elections reducing taxes in a race to the bottom to attract business and relocating millionaires.

In 2012, in the United States, we have the widest gap in the disparity of wealth in the history of man—exceeding the Gilded Age, and the Fall of Rome.  Taxes as a part of GNP have been the lowest they have ever been since 1950 (the first year they started recording this).  The number of people qualifying for Food Stamps is high and 44% of people are falling into poverty.  There is an answer: Tax the Rich; that is not class warfare it is survival of the country!