Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share

We listen to Mitch McConnell, the Turtle, on January 6, 2013 and he talks about this large debt we face and the President’s inaction. It is like he never led the Republican Party to vote for the largest revenue decrease in history, an illegal unfunded war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, Part D Medicare, a number of military procurement boondoggles, etc. McConnell has cheerleaded the disastrous fiscal and economic policies of Reagan-Bush-BushII and has personally profited from them. He supported the Trickle-Down tax policy and Supply-Side Economics policy of Reagan’s budget Director David Stockman. Which Stockman later admitted he had no idea what they were and admits today they did not work. That is probably what is wrong with Washington today. The multi-millionaires in Congress are lining their pockets by knowing where the economy is headed and working with the lobbyists in investing in pet projects.

This is truly a case of the Two Santa Clauses Theory. Whereby the Republican Party when in power spends the country into debt and then cries foul when the Democratic Party comes into power to clean it up.

The incoming Tea Party class of 2010 to Congress was the richest set of Congress members ever sent at an average wealth of $32 million for 50 members.

So how does a group of ultra rich fat cats ever possibly represent the common man? How does the Tea Party even accept these people as being their representatives? A Party funded by Dick Armey and the Billionaire Koch Brothers to enact their agenda of flat taxes (which reduce a billionaires’ taxes by having the middle class pay for them), increased defense spending (the biggest place to make profits off of contracts), oil company subsidies (at a time when the top three oil companies make a record over $40 billion a quarter in profit), etc.

So our national political plan and entire national dialog since 1980 is give everything to the rich and they will take care of us. Well it hasn’t worked especially in light of the majority of tax cuts being invested overseas. Tax cuts are in fact making the rich lazy; they actually need to do nothing for them—they get money for absolutely no effort in creating ANY jobs. So let’s start taxing the rich are higher and fairer rates!

What is “fair.” Younger people may not know that FDR lifted the 90% rate on millionaires, and JFK removed the 70% rate on multi-millionaires. Thom Hartman in 2013 has advocated a 100% tax rate on billionaires.
If you are paying attention, you have to believe that these rich guys have effectively turned our country over to China and India in trying to make the last buck before the economy implodes. They have no ethics, no morals, and no motivation to make this a better country. Clint Eastwood speaks to an empty chair for only them.
No, the Republican mantra of: “the rich will take care of you” hasn’t panned out, just ask Scott Nelson in his book, the History of America’s Financial Panics (1819, 1837, 1857,1873, 1893); it failed in the Republican Great Depression of 1929, and the Republican Recession of 2008; why should it work in 2013?
Truth be told, everything the Rich supporters believe in or have said is probably just a talking point created by Fox News just to advance the agenda of the RICH.
I recently attended a Los Tres Magos (The Three Wiseman) nativity play and the message was that Jesus Christ was born in absolute poverty as an example to mankind. He was born naked in a manger to make us all realize that our worldly possessions, our instinct toward greed and hoarding; is not the purpose for mankind. It is to love one another and to take care of the least amongst us.

We just completed a Presidential Election where Obama was criticized for being the “food stamp President,” but the truth is this has been coming since 1980. 1 in 2 Americans are now in poverty or classified as low income:
I wonder how bad it has to become before there is open warfare, WE the 99% are very restrained. There was a time when the RICH, the 1%, were dragged into the street and their possessions divided by the 99% in the 1789 French Revolution —you know the “Let Them Eat Cake” history of it all…..

The solution to all our country’s woes is simple: TAX THE RICH! It is a policy that can be favored by the 99%—that is an easy compromise number to reach. It is a consensus when Warren Buffet speaks.