January 21, 2013: Five years ago, during the Democratic Party campaign, the naysayers were out saying that if we elected Barack Obama as President, the Blacks in our country would become arrogant and entitled, and that other groups would become disenfranchised. Then this didn’t happen. But what happened was an undercurrent of hatred and distain against the President to the point of subversion and treason. Republican politicians in power: making veiled threats, in the name of enforcing the constitution or what the Founding Fathers thought; voting against the best interests of all the American People; and using the filibuster, amendments, and deceit to attain goals of a secret guerilla war. It was if the Civil War was never fought; or that the loser became the winner.

Matt Dowd today on ABC-TV News’ inauguration coverage said that his election eve comment is proving more true than ever and it was that “the GOP act as a Mad Men party in a Modern Family America.” Chris Cuomo, also of ABC, echoed that it is if the Republican Party leaders want to return to 1950. A time before Civil Rights and middle class prosperity. Well I believe they actually want 1850 a time before women’s rights and when slavery was still legal.

Much of this is economic and all you have to do is look to:
Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele on C-Span TV January 2013
“Betrayal of the American Dream”

2/3 of all jobs pay less than $40,000 a year; the figure that is considered to be a living wage, or $19.25 an hour. $20,000 divided 2,080 work hours in a year is $9.615 an hour. They got from social security information not the IRS because it is harder to extrapolate the 47-46% of people not paying any taxes; which is in actuality only 8-9%.