The Republican Vision for America: smaller government, less taxes, less regulations, protection of our children from debt—things that are reasonable; is actually filled with crazy ideas of: tax breaks for billionaires who invest only in China, the Earth is 6,000 years old, the Rapture and Dominionism, there is no climate change, concealed carry guns in schools by all, increasing defense spending and wasteful contracts to campaign contributors, less rights for women and people of color, attacking Iran, using water in the arid southwest to extract oil, etc. The former is what they say on television and the later is who they really are; dangerous and out-of-touch. Religiously-driven to the point that they don’t care about the goals of Christian teachings: peace, ending poverty, reducing greed, stopping killing, feeding the hungry, and clothing the naked. “I have mine now you get yours sucker” should be the motto of the GOP. The Tea Party is the GOP on steroids and without any intelligence. The very policies they espouse actually make the situations in this country worse; sure they sound good in sound bytes, but when you really look into them they do the opposite of what is intended by the bandwagon approach. Policies of cutting people on Medicare and Medicaid actually increase the debt and poverty, they reduce jobs, and increase the cost of healthcare while reducing access, and they also may increase epidemics like the flu and diabetes. Attacking Iran for Israel may increase terrorism throughout the world and not stop it; it will make Americans abroad and AT HOME less safe. Giving tax breaks to the ultra-super-rich have proven to weaken the economy. Cutting regulations make us less healthy and safe, while boosting the profits of unscrupulous companies. Chasing the debt monster promotes the fear of investment by the middle class, the only ones willing to get this country on track; the rich are too involved overseas to care.