To radio personality Bill Press (who issued a last word, ‘Parting Shot’, on this topic on 1-23-2013):

The latest outrage in the United States is whether or not Beyonce lipsang the Star Spangled Banner. The pundits are asking: what could of motivated her to do this? Who really cares? I am glad she did it. Can you imagine if Beyonce had messed up on the national anthem? People would have said that Obama was being deliberately disrespectful of the Country and he hates White people. We all know that the Birther movement threatened Chief Justice John Roberts with impeachment if he administered the oath to Obama for the inauguration. After the oath was completed, well, the next best thing to attack is the rendition of the national anthem by a BLACK person. You know “all those Blacks are Muslim Socialists.” Mitt Romney’s surrogate, Gov. John Sununu, after the first Presidential debate called Obama’s performance “Lazy.” Which Colin Powell now tells us is a code word for Black Entitlement. If Beyonce messed up on the words in the national anthem, would she be “Lazy”?

P.S. I am not Black; just an observer of what is going on in this country.