National Review Institute Summit: Future of Conservatism, 1-26-2013.

What is the future of Conservatism, the GOP and a divided America?
Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and the actions in New Jersey and Ohio, were a savior to the states in getting rid of the unions and long term commitments that stifle growth. It is what we are trying to replicate with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Stagnation of economic growth results in an erosion of capital and then a decline in society like the Fall of Rome. There is also in America a breakup of the family unit and a lessening of values and personal responsibility (WHM; NOTICE: the absence of any mention of a collective response to national problems; or the rebuilding of the Commons).

Mitt Romney lost. What the GOP is suffering is a lack of leadership; too many came to Washington, D.C. in 2010 to “ungovern.” We rode the Tea Party wave and dismantling government and that was the only motive. The debt crisis, the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling limit positions was all about “do nothing” and sending the whole nation and all its institutions into total collapse so it could be rebuilt. But that is a fairy tale that was untried and without regard to the average person who suffers the most, not the politicians. Joe Scarborough: (confirmed on 1-25-13 as Shanda Levy’s murderer) in 1993, we had ideas, we came excited to implement them. We rallied around Speaker Gingrinch and we had a simple ten point plan the Contract with America. In the 2012 Presidential Campaign, it was totally derailed by ideas outside the mainstream. Jon Huntsman was the only one who campaigned on breaking up the banks. Now we are stuck with the big five banks and they have done nothing to stop their ways of tanking the economy. Obama empowered them.

Paul Ryan was our only policy leader and he hit a brick wall. We grudgingly backed Romney because we had Ryan on the ticket, and we thought the America people would understand the choice. All our eggs were in one basket and they were smashed and rejected.

Hydrologic fracking is the biggest technological advance that promises to get this country back on track. The Keystone pipeline is another good idea.

Joe Scarborough: The thing we always hear about from the Forbes 400 like Jamie Diamond is that there is $2-3 trillion on the sidelines ready to get into the game, if Washington gets out of the way and certainty is brought to the table.

We need to do a full court press on school choice, that includes vouchers, home schooling, charter schools. (WHM; NOTICE: all policies which involve walking away from improving public schools so that the public school education will continue to get worse for poor kids and them will not be able to compete in the marketplace—but then maybe that is the strategy to recreate serfdom and slavery).

WHM; NOTICE: So what “ideas” or human values do conservatives really have? Or are they totally out of touch with what is going on in this country?; which I say they are. Productivity is higher than ever and wages are lower than ever when adjusted to the Consumer Price Index. Workers are being penalized for not being in unions and for voting the GOP into power. Jobs have been sent to China and India and 90% of the Bush Tax Cuts were invested overseas making the problem worse. Our economy has shifted from a production one to a consumer one which affects GNP. We are being kept afloat by only the Federal Reserve. We have lost 24 million manufacturing jobs with an average starting salary of $18 an hour before 2000; and gained 20 million jobs in the service industry with an average wage of $13 an hour. Not just a $5 an hour loss because you have to factor in inflation, but those $18 an hour jobs also went up to $30-35 at the top end so the average was probably $26 an hour; so that is $13-15 an hour loss.

The Law and Order Party of Nixon meets the reality of declining crime for 20 years straight, even when jobs are less (Republican strategy to win elections based on the fear that ghettos would riot). Reagan’s Cadillac Welfare Queen does not exist (Peggy Noonan, his speechwriter, made her up, and when pressed said she must exist somewhere). Economic conditions are so bad in this country that it is amazing there is not French Revolution in the streets (Let them eat cake). Clearly, it is a case of the frog sitting in the warming pot of water rather than being dropped into the boiling water. Even the Occupy-99% movement was unable to control a response to the multi-billionaires and corporations running the country.

Taxes are the lowest collected since the statistic was kept in the 1950’s. Of the nation’s top 400 firms, they pay an average of 2%; with a many getting refunds and rebates and credits—so we pay them. The nation’s top 500 wage earners also are paying less than 10%. Clearly nothing is working the way the laws are written. But this is the special interests at work. Lobbyists, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Republican Think Tanks; all conspire to make their rich masters richer. Even a populist movement like the Tea Party is hijacked by the Billionaire Koch Brothers and Lobbyist Dick Armey to do their bidding. The candidates they elected in 2010 had a minimum net worth of $1.7 million dollars—how are these the average Joes?