Letter from President Obama to the American People

Proposed National Speech October 2014

I come before you tonight to warn you of a potential national crisis started by a right-wing extremist cabal in this country.  On January 2, 2009 at the Hotel ______ in Washington, D.C., twelve men met….

Name names….

Cite books….

Because we were in a state a war these actions meet the legal definition of treason and sedition, and I am asking AG Eric Holder to investigate.  The Select Committee on Benghazi is considering my impeachment which was the ultimate goal of the RWE Cabal.  Therefore, to spare the nation of any unnecessary suffering I am prepared to resign the Office of the President like Republican Nixon did in 1974, if this is what the American people so what me to.

I am asking that the 2014 November election be a referendum on my performance and that either Republicans be turned out everywhere, or that a Congress hostile to my administration and the goals of ordinary Americans be elected.

This is not the first time this has happened in our nation.  Hillary Clinton’s warnings of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” were taken as a joke, and her husband was impeached.  In 1948, Democratic President Harry S. Truman waned us of a “Do-Nothing Congress.”  Many of those same Republican members conspired in 1933 in the “Business Plot” to have Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler lead a coup against President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I have tried to work with this Tea Party-stagnated Congress time and time again to no avail.  For example, the Government Shut-Down led by the Republican Tea Party members in 2012; to the panic of the world’s stock markets.  My federal budget has not been approved since 2009 by this “Do-Nothing Congress” which instead has voted 54 times to repeal ObamaCare, the ACA.  Climate Change is another issue they gamble with, which can ultimately destroy our sea coast cities in our lifetimes.  They are gambling with your and your grandchildren’s future for the benefit of only a few rich people, their campaign benefactors.  The Koch Brothers whose father Fred was in the Business Plot of 1933 and made his fortune arming Stalin in the purge of 20 million White Russians; and Sheldon Adelson, etc., etc.

The U.S. Supreme Court has aided the RWE Cabal in its decisions on Citizens united and MacFerguson which have very little precedence in law.  In Fact, Chief Justice Roberts was contemplating refusing to inaugurate me on January 1, 2009; similarly to the Business Plot of 1933.

So what action should the average American citizen take in 2014?

The calls for impeachment against me started on Fox News in 2009; when I was called a Kenyan Socialist who forged his Hawaiian birth certificate.   Moguls of business like Donald Trump called for my resignation.  Well, now you have the opportunity for it.  I call this 2014 November election a referendum on my service to the nation.

My Administration saved the American auto industry, stopped the Second Republican-caused Great Depression, captured Bin laden, etc.  Yet, I am accused of lying about Benghazi a CIA operation that I did not have complete authority over.  No mention is made that 13 embassies were attacked in the Bush Administration; and the American people were never informed about this.

Darrel Isha is leading the Committee.  Three-time auto-theft indicted member of Congress.

Why do I stake my Presidency, my personal integrity and my governmental legacy on this election?  Because if Republicans are elected I stand no chance of surviving unfair impeachment hearings or possible assassination.   I have faced more assassination attempts than any other President.  Stand with me against the RWE Cabal—stand for jobs—better educational opportunities and health care, restoring America’s competitive place in the world; a restoration of peace, prosperity and progress that a “Do-Nothing Congress” can never achieve.  Their backers make more wealth when we are at war and American workers are facing bankruptcy.

I have not used the American intelligence system against my enemies as Fox News accused me of and as Republican Nixon did—perhaps I should have—exposing the investments by sitting Republican Congressmen in the Keystone Pipeline, the War in Iraq and their sexual oddities would have been enough to turn them out.   Mitch McConnell’s stated job in 2012 to Fox News and the RWE Cabal was to make me a one-term President instead of doing his Congressional duties.  We see where the loyalties of these people are and it is not with the American People!


Barack Obama

White House