There has been an assault on the United Nations in the United States since Ronald Reagan when he sided with Mayor Koch against the parking fines of the United Nations ambassadors. In the last decade, the assault on the United Nations has gotten to a fever pitch. I wondered why some people were so anti-United Nations—I mean what is in it for them? How do they stand to profit? Are they paid shills? Or just uninformed? Why be opposed to the United Nations unless you are for perpetual war? Or for the perpetuation of diseases like Malaria and West Nile Virus. Or for backward —third world—nations to stay in the dark. This could be your formal Business Plan for corporate takeover.

I was listening to a radio broadcast from 1943, when we were in the midst of World War Two, and doubtful of our chances. Previous to this it was the Allies (England, France, Russia and the United States) versus the Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan). By 1943 the conflict was moving worldwide and it was important to get more countries on the Allied Side, so it became the “United Nations.” In South America, Argentina and Brazil had ports of call for the Nazi’s and it became really important to get the other South American nations to back the Allied side. In World War One the infamous Zimmerman Telegram was intercepted and disclosed a plot to get Mexico to attack the United States; so when Mexico declared war against the Axis in 1943 and sent troops it was a relief to American war planners. The term “United Nations” was the best description available and pointed out our failures from the aftermath of World War One and the demise of the League of Nations.

But the prospect of world peace in perpetuity faded with our need to be “American Exceptionalists.” To profit from wars around the globe. To make fortunes like Fred Koch the father of the current Koch Brothers, and who was in the Business Plot of 1933 and made his fortune arming Stalin in the purge of 20 million Russians.

Pennsylvania’s Morning Call newspaper, in an editorial in 1985, in reviewing the last forty years of United Nations existence said: “Few institutions have aroused such a range of emotions among Americans ( “Get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.,” thundered Republican U.S. Senator Joe McCarthy when he was about to launch a Presidential bid and during his hateful 1950’s Red Scare Senate hearings. Quickly his ascendency crashed as we found out he indeed had no decency.

The November 19, 2011 Wall Street Journal also opined that: “UN bashing is popular among Republican candidates” (

Recent United Nations initiatives like Agenda 21 are blasted by Tea Party candidates as an affront to freedom. The UN’s stance on global Climate Change is a direct threat to the empires and multi-national corporations of the Koch’s, Sheldon Adelson, Friedman’s, West Virginia King Coal, and the oil barons of the Cheney Family.

It is only through global calamities like flooding, rising oceans, hurricanes, drought, etc., that poised investors like this ilk can maximize profits on the backs of the suffering serfdom. Whatever they are for, you know you need to be against it. Attacking Iran, intervening in Russia, invading Libya, Egypt or the country of the week. Their spokespersons on weekly Sunday Talk Shows come out, like Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and give the Fox News Talking Points on who needs to be invaded next or how coal and electric companies should be protected.

Anti-GMO initiatives of the United Nations threaten Monsanto and the Factory Farms. Obese people dying from the food they eat is where the profit is at. GMO crops prevent the poor person from having a roof-top garden or a community garden and eating healthy.

No, the United Nations is a great threat to unbridled American Capitalism where the money interests are locked up into the families of the 1%. A world that works better is a place where incomes equal out and people have enough to eat and don’t die from childhood diseases and unsanitary conditions.

There is no money to be made in that, so call it Socialism and attack it verbally….keep the little guy down…..bow down to the false idol of money….