It is November 4th, 2014 and the Democratic Party has suffered about its worse defeat ever. Just when the 99% of Americans needed them most. We lost to a cabal of liars and thieves and one day people will wake up to this.

So we have lost badly and things will get much worse with the extremist right-wing wingnut-jobs that were elected. It will get worse until they destroy most institutions. It will deteriorate until finally it gets better.

The people that won were not worthy or honorable and history will prove this out. Those people won by denying science, facts and truth. They openly ran on platforms denying Climate Change, the Affordable Care Act which has saved over 50,000 lives, the truth about war and terrorism (Obama has kicked ass), etc.

When Democrats lose the nation suffers. This has been proven time and time again. just think back to the First (1929) and Second (2008) Great Republican Depressions. History proves us right.