I really think we need to dumb this down and have a “Made for TV” 1 hour movie we run on ABC, CBS and NBC and some other channels like the Honey Boo-Boo and Duck Dynasty channels using the DNC funds for ads. In other words, totally eliminate negative campaign ads and use an “educational approach” on the actual history of the Republican Party (like Watergate in #3 in my article, Reagan and CONTRA in #4, Business Coup against FDR #5, Bush record in #6 in my TORE article for WordPress).  This Party is pure evil and should be exposed.  If you knew all this stuff, you cannot vote for them without taking a shower immediately after.  The Made for TV movie could be on the Internet like Youtube and go viral for a fraction of the price of the same old negative TV campaigns (which accelerate the negativity and drive down voter turnout anyhow which is the goal of Republicans). We can never beat the devious minds of a Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Ralph Reed, Tom Delay, Jim Demint, and Pat Robertson……

We can never compete with the obscene and extreme wealth and money of the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump, their Think Tanks, Talking Heads, etc.  Doing things the way we are doing them is just like throwing money into a black hole.

Although I was a little young to participate, the educational approach was pioneered in the 1960’s by teach-ins by Students for Non-violence, etc.  Read the TORE article at:


P.S. I am a Democratic Party official, made contributions for 35 years (I have threatened to cut them off for about eight years asking that they use this approach), and pitched this idea to my local & state Party, the DNC, DCCC, etc., and they never listen—too intent on moving to the middle of the road and being more like Republicans —which is exactly when and why we lose.