Sam Seder was talking on the Ring of Fire (11-23-2014) radio show, and he and his guest agreed that economic inequality “always winds up with pitchforks at the gate.” Where the common person cannot take it anymore and rebels in at open revolution at the palace walls or on Wall Street. It happened in the United States in 1775, France 1789, Mexico 1910 and every South and Central American country sometimes once a generation.

They went on to say that like the old saying goes: “behind every great fortune there is a crime” and that the Koch Brothers sold arms to Iran and have broken so many environmental laws that have had to be cleaned up by taxpayers that their cost of business is an unfair competitive advantage at society’s economic disadvantage.

You cannot take and take while the poor and middle class are suffering.  The 1% in this country have had record profits in 2010, then to be surpassed each succeeding year in 2011, 2012, 2013—with possibly 2014 being the biggest year ever in the history of mankind (not just in our lifetimes or in the history of the United States, which should be good enough  for the average rich nut.

Kicking a man when he is down has always been frowned upon in America.  It has never been the American-Way.  Clearly, the average American has been knocked down, kicked repeatedly, is openly unconscious, and is now being urinated on by the super ultra-elite ruling class.  Stopping to spend some of that extreme wealth might be what the normal person would do—have a little fun—invest in causes they like—but they are sitting on bundles of cash and not loaning it out to families or businesses just starting out.  This has always been a sure bet that makes them much more money in the end.  But there is a certain vindictiveness being shown by the 1% in trying to corner ALL THE WEALTH in the United States and possibly on the planet.  This can only result in open revolution and dragging them into the street to await their demise.  Karma.