Seems like when the first thing you need to do in an editorial is disparage the opposition by calling them “Liberal” you have lost the argument.  If you know the dictionary definition of liberal and liberalism, you know that any advancement in human progress/civilization was based on liberal ideas.  But here goes the “American Thinker: Ten Years of Thinking”:

“One of the tenets of brain dead liberalism is that raising the minimum wage benefits workers. In the imaginary world of liberals, government edicts make the world run, and market forces count for nothing.”  Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter.

Twitter: Who can really put out one thought for mind consumption in only 142 characters?

Talk about the dumbing down of America!

So the “thinker” goes on with a report on the raising of the minimum wage in the Northern Mariana Islands to mainland U.S. levels:

Yet, no mention is made of the slave sex trade that Republican Speaker of the House Tom Delay instituted in the Northern Mariana Islands and the special trade provisions he gave to the Islands, so that their economy looks nothing like ours (his convictions were for campaign finance reform and not any of his other dealing that he profited from immensely).  No mention of the loss of jobs to China in the garment industry.  I’m sure the tuna canning down-turn could be explained with an extinction of Tuna or increased Chinese and Japanese fishing.

Ten years of thinking under a anonymous handle is a little bit of time and I have been doing it from birth some 56 years ago under my real name.  What is he ashamed of or does he not believe in what he says and gets paid for?   Just another form of prostitute.

The thinker (I use the lowercase because I don’t think much of him) rambles on, with the same dribble the GOP talking points memo comes out with every morning: “Well, in the real world, if employees cannot produce value in excess of what they are paid, they don’t have jobs anymore. Anyone who has had to meet a payroll knows this, though people who have made their lives in academia and government can remain immune from this learning.

Small businesses that make payrolls do learn a lot about the financial system; but the real lesson should be that the system is rigged against them.  There is no “free-market system” anymore.  Free enterprise barely existed in this country and now it is a “corrupt corporate capitalism” that uses people and spits them out when they can no longer produce.

If you don’t disparage government and academia in a written piece there is a fear people might “trust” these pillars of our society and vote against the anti-thought GOP.  The right has so many “Think Tanks” and the only product of them is to protect the interests of the mega-wealthy and the corrupt corporate world.  They paid big money to people like the thinker and it is very discreet.  If he is not getting paid then they truly are the non-thinker.

You could rewrite the thinker’s article by substituting any number of words for minimum wage, like: union, immigration, women, minority, affirmative action; and you would get the same red meat result for the sharks of Wall Street.

The $7.25 minimum wage if adjusted for inflation is about $13.50 and the actual “living wage” is $20-21.00 an hour. So as we are fighting on these postings over going to $8, 9, 10, even $15 an hour we are missing the point that the entire financial system is rigged against us and is ready to continue sucking our blood for its advancement without sharing the results of our hard work.