This little article got me thinking about immigration today:

So why are people so against any type of “immigration reform”?  To the point they demonstrate and hang effigies of President Obama in the street.  I think it is because the economy is so bad and the lack of opportunity in this country.  The lack of opportunity to: go to college; to have one’s voice heard without writing a blog like this one that no one hears (the only thing that goes viral is Kim Kardasian’s butt size or Honey Boo Boo); get investigative and accurate reporting from the media (a study by Media Matters showed that 80% of Fox News stories lacked the complete truth); honor our veterans (we always run around with signs “support the troops” but we dump veterans on the street); savings at your local bank which make more than 0.25%; invest in Wall Street so it is fair and not a crap shoot where you lose everything; and most importantly to live in a country that “values” your work (not as a factor of the GNP but as a human being of quality).

Crowds of anti-immigartion rhetoric complain they are not paying taxes and are taxing the system.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We have the E-Verify system where is someone doesn’t have a TIN there is a $25,000 fine to the employer per incidence.  So somehow people are submitting fake numbers (using SSN of people that died?).  There is free medical care, but wouldn’t you want that to stop the spread of TB, Cholera, flu, and etc.?

To think that anyone is against “immigration reform” on a system that is so badly broken is amazing.  I know it is because someone leading this will profit from it: a presidential bid, a political party, a person.  The 20 foot fence only the border lined the pockets of Republican contractors and led to a spike in the sale of 21 foot ladders.  The availability of cheap and hard working labor has always helped the agricultural industry that supports almost exclusively Republicans.  They take billions in corporate welfare and then ask their representatives to rein in welfare to real people (probably those suffering this “uniquely American” lack of opportunity—paraphrasing George W. Bush on his comment to the woman with three jobs).

In Summary, the average American has absolutely nothing of value or dignity but their birthright to live here.  Take this away by allowing immigrants to get the same privilege for free and you start pissing people off.  Where is our promise of economic freedom if we work hard? Where is the twenty-five years and a gold watch?  The days of hard work and then a pension are over (every CEO or government agency sees the pension fund as their own and knows the Pension Guarantee Fund will bail them out).  Every child use to grow up with the notion they could be either President or a millionaire.  Now neither is within their reach unless they are willing to do things very illegal or immoral.  People in the U.S. are working harder then they ever had and the cost of living has eaten away their wages and they are lower now than in 1970; the income equality is the largest ever in recorded human history (not just since the Glided Age, Fall of Rome, or something).