The fall from grace of Republican rising star Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock, shocked the nation (  But to me it was no surprise, I mean I didn’t know of Schock’s frauds, indiscretions and moral downfalls, but I assume it from any and all ambitious Republicans.  It is all a part of the Republican Hypocrisy that has faced this nation since Nixon’s dirty tricks campaign ( and Reagan’s Presidency of corruption (   Illinois Congressman Schock’s story was a small tip of the iceberg which has slipped under the American continent and threaten to destroy it from within.

Schock was to assume a Republican Party leadership role, and is probably the only person born after 1980 to be in such a role.  He was to be the face of the Party for many generations.  Now what he may face is prison.  But Republicans are so often protected and this is what perpetuates the Republican Hypocrisy model.

Watch Rudolph Giuliani on his identity theft commercials and remember him as America’s Mayor, a Republican Presidential candidate, television commentator on the constitutional infractions of Obama (a lie), and the hero of 911 (  Giuliani was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year for 2001, and was honorarily knighted in 2002 by the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II—what honors could any American achieve more than this?  Well, he even cleaned up New York City and restored the Republican Party’s reputation for being “tough on crime.”  But fall into the Republican Hypocrisy truth (vortex) and we find that everything is opposite as it has been billed.  What is up is down, what is good is evil, and what is truth is a often repeated lie.

Giuliani was a longtime backer of Bernard Kerik, who started out as a NYPD detective driving for Giuliani’s campaign. Giuliani appointed him as the Commissioner of the Department of Correction and then as the Police Commissioner. Giuliani was also the godfather to Kerik’s two youngest children.   After Giuliani left office, Kerik pleaded guilty to state corruption charges dating from his Corrections days.  Kerik is currently awaiting trial on related federal charges of conspiracy, tax fraud and obstruction of justice.

But we forget that Giuliani and Kerik appropriated Building 7 of the World Trade Center complex for a “Security Center” that was off limits to most City staff.  It became a secret headquarters where the two men entertained woman outside of their marriages.  On 911, the respected security leaders might of been caught there literally with their pants down.  How do you spell Republican Hypocrisy? Nixon, Reagan or Giuliani?  Or love nest?

Did I mention that Giuliani was a Reagan employee?  No let’s leave that for another investigation.

Then we have Bill Bennett, Reagan’s Education Czar, the man who called for the abolishment of the U.S. Department of Education, more testing, and more charter schools and privatization, and union busting  (  Bennett was national commentator on the ingenuity of the Republican Party and the shortcomings of the Democratic Party.  He may have been talked about as presidential timber; and that is another component of the Republican Hypocrisy model.

In 2003 it became publicly known that Bennett was a high-stakes gambler who reportedly lost millions of dollars in Las Vegas (David von Drehle [2003-05-03]. “Bennett Reportedly High-Stakes Gambler – Former Education Secretary Lost $8 Million in Past Decade, Magazines Find”; The Washington Post.).  For this I like to call him the $8 million dollar loser.  Under frat boy, George W. Bush (do we really have to acknowledge him as a “President” or just a war criminal?), Bennett received a $14.9 million dollar contract annually for designing the tests for No Child Left Behind.  The contract requires that tests be purchased from his firm K12 for over $250.00 each, and they cannot be xeroxed for under a $1.  Talk about a national scandal (and waste of money)!  We all would have been better off taking this money to our own local casinos.

Let’s look at Mitt Romney.  The Romney story is not about the America Dream but the death of it.  This is not about Ann Romney being a stay at home mom; it is about the extreme excess used to raise five kids when millions of kids in this country go to bed hungry each night. It is not just that Mitt Romney has a Swiss Bank Account. It is that he has $3 million dollars in it. This is more than 97% of Americans will ever make in their total lifetimes. What is he planning for? Does he think that America is so broken he may have to live abroad? That if he is elected there will be a mini-revolution and he will need to stay out of the country for awhile to be safe? Or that American banks will fail if he enacts his policies? What interest rate does he earn that is so much better than investing in America the country he purports to lead?  Wouldn’t it be a great statement if he brought the money back and created some kind of jobs program? It is a lot like the CAR elevator at his Malibu beach house. That he can take time out of a busy Presidential Campaign to review houseplans and can install a symbol that is of such excess it is obscene. There are people who are handicapped that need but cannot afford a people elevator.   As we speak there are hundreds of thousands of American widows dragging their bad hips across a couple steps in their house because they can’t even afford a ramp—no less an elevator. Being so out of touch with reality disqualifies Mitt Romney. You have it but don’t flaunt it in our faces during the campaign. That is not success, it is failure to understand the little guy. Mitt say the President is attacking success and I say Obama is pointing out vanity.  Let’s not mention the 47% comment (

Mitt Romney embodies everything that was wrong with America in 2012 (and still today it is worse).  It is not about “poor man turns rich and does well.” It is: “son of privilege uses connections, foreign investments and Swiss bank accounts, and insider trading to: amass great wealth, avoid Vietnam service, ship jobs overseas and build needless car elevator for own personal vanity.” Romney comes from a culture of protecting wealth (and probably making it unethically like Vulture Capitalism).  He thinks he is a risk taker because of his time at Bain Capital. But he played there with other people’s money and that is not a risk. Gambling a widow’s pension on taking an American firm down and moving those jobs to China is not a risk but a sure bet for the foreign nationals.  It might be closer to being treason than it is to being an entrepreneur.  In fact, running for President does make this a treasonable offense—raising the level of the crimes to a much higher standard than those of a private citizen.

Remember Ann Romney said that in college her and Mitt had it really, really rough, and they know how the middle class feels now; one year they had to wipe out his stock account that his dad gave him and live on just $80,000 for that year.  Also, the French chateau that they lived in was so expensive to heat they had to close off 35 rooms and take in boarders.  Sounds like a frat house party and not learning.  In college, I lived on $50 a month.

So maybe Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock’s Republican Hypocrisy is par for the course when you elect Republicans…..

A little more to “chew on” if you are still not convinced: