So don’t look now but the “Republican Clown Car” has pulled up to the curb just in time for the 2106 Presidential Election.

Look at David Horsey’s Three Republican Amigo’s cartoon ( for proof.  The unabashed pandering to Latinos.

Then reflect back to the 2012 Presidential Election Republican Primary that had African-American Herman Cain to prove that Republican opposition to President Obama was NOT based solely on his race.  Another favorite of the Tea Party is Dr. Ben Carson, another African-American, that further proves that nothing the Tea Party says is racially based.  My Tea Party cousin always tells me this on FaceBook: “we hate Obama because he is a socialist who violates the U.S. Constitution daily.”  Yeah, right.

Then what is this talk about: “we don’t need another Bush or Clinton”?  That these two families are a dynasty.  What?  The Bush family is in fact a very elite dynasty that has almost destroyed this country and I think we should have a trial and bring up all their sins and ultimately exile them to Argentina or Uraguay or wherever they have the 200,000 acres of land.  This is a four generation Presidential track record with George P. Bush, the Great White Latino Hope being handed the nomination in 2020, as the fourth generation of formal runs.  He is on the same path as his uncle George W. Bush who was Texas Agriculture Commissioner before he was Governor and President.  Then Barbara Bush’s blue blood family (Walkers) had Presidential connections since John Adams.

Senator Prescott Bush ( probably was the 1944 Republican candidate against FDR.  But he ran into a 1942 conviction with the Trading with the Enemy Act.  Yes he provided finances and oil to the Nazi’s that greatly helped them in the war against France and Britain.  Then he escaped indictment with co-conspirators under the 1933 Business Plot ( against FDR.

Then we have the illegal war of George W. Bush, his 2008 Great Republican Recession, Neil P. Bush’s one billion theft from the Silverado Savings and Loan, George H.W. Bush’s connection to the CIA and the JFK assassination (he redirected the parade route around the block and in front of the book depository for “security reasons”), and Iran-Contra.  So how many crimes does it take before the American People reject you and your family?

How can Jeb Bush be a viable candidate given his family’s history of destruction against this nation?  Or his governorship of Florida where the “Educational Miracle” destroyed the system.

So the Clinton’s are a dynasty because one wife follows a husband?  Then Chelsea is rumored to be a presidential hopeful?  She hates politics and runs away from it all the time.  But wait, she had a child that could be anointed as a presidential candidate.  This is the same curse that the Kennedy’s had.  This isn’t the same multi-generational hold that the Bushes have had on the Republican Party.

No, beware the “Republican Clown Car” in this 2106 Presidential Election.