B, my dear Cousin,

I have held off saying anything thinking that you were in a momentary fad, but I am deeply offended and puzzled by your public display of the Confederate Battle Flag (on your Facebook site). On any discussion of political or social issues, it is neither appropriate nor effectual. As a member of Veteran support groups, as you purport to be; this emblem is in fact an affront to any of their military service and oath to the U.S. Constitution. In sum, this is treason.

As a resident of West Virginia, a state founded on its allegiance to the Union, you should know the harm that this symbol embraces. In sum, this is “sedition” under any legal definitions.

That someone should post the Confederate Battle Flag as a counter argument to Black Lives Matter, President Obama, the recent Black and White and police confrontations, or the general direction our country is taking; shows a complete lack of understanding of American History and our way of life. In sum, it is similar to posting a Nazi Flag in Germany.

I am a student of United States history. Few people have studied the Civil War as in depth as I have, since I was trying to earn an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. I have a deep admiration for the Confederate military leaders like: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart and Nathan Bedford Forest (who helped to form the K.K.K. after the war). That they in a time of strife reacted in support of States Rights is a tribute to their heroism; but this was a completely different time. The “Lost Cause” is just that.

The failure and halting of Reconstruction in the South reared its ugly head in the post-World War Two United States. The need for the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s was necessitated by an incomplete Reconstruction movement. The reasons and results of the Civil War should be irrelevant today but seemingly have festered to the surface in today’s Republican Party and slate of possible presidential candidates. Conservatism and associated political action should in no way be taken to be the values of the old Confederacy. That New Succession movements in Texas and South Carolina have no place in the dialogue of the public square. The tone of the political rhetoric is destructive and not beneficial to any side. In sum, this is “terrorisms” under our modern definitions by nations across the world; like ISIS is branded.

That someone should represent a political party, like the Tea Party, with a Confederate Battle Flag means they neither propose any useful solutions to their own problems or understand the needs of our nation. That the “Don’t Tread on Me” symbol intermixed with the Confederate Battle Flag is an affront to the Patriots of this nation that fought and died in the Revolutionary War; and show a complete ignorance of history.

Please take it down.


P.S. This statement should be forwarded to any of your leaders who have developed this graphic and think it is a new symbol of freedom or expression of some type of political will. In sum, it is not.

Sometimes you lead a horse to water but you can make them think………

So her response:

“Wow. Funny how many of the veterans I know have rebel flags (without the Gadsden reference, albeit) on their vehicles. Many have them as their profile pictures. A few have even mentioned having relatives who died in battle and were buried under that flag. None of them find it offensive. And treasonous? You have a democrat candidate for POTUS 2016 who is likely responsible for the death of several individuals (Benghazi) and the release of confidential emails, and a president who refuses to follow the rule of the law and prefers to create his own – you call ME treasonous?

You know what, I’ll change the cover picture – not for you, per say, but because I’m a few days from my wedding, and feel my family picture (or maybe my wedding picture) would be more appropriate.

I know you’re a liberal. I know you support this president, who I HONESTLY feel is the worst one in our history and has more done more damage than good. However, you are family, and I’d like to think you’d take a slightly more respectful (not sure that’s the word I’m looking for) approach when communicating with me.



I attended a funeral of a patriot guard member (whose father is a Vietnam Vet and had a rebel flag flying on his motorcycle, by the way – and a Don’t Tread on Me patch on his jacket, although it was the ‘more appropriate version with gold background and snake – Anyway, the man buried his son, who was in his 30s, due to his problems with diabetes.”

Yikes, no wonder this nation is in trouble, everyone has their own agenda and it certainly does include facts, history, or reality.  Political correctness be damned!