So the title: Is This Real or Made-for-Television-Movie Material?; is a critique on the 2016 Presidential Election (and maybe the ignorance and insanity of American society today).  On the Republican side there have been anywhere from 18-24 candidates (NOTE: finally was 17 when Sarah Palin, Newt Gringich, Michelle Bachman, Paul Ryan and others exited).  That alone is quite unbelievable.  But even more astonishing when you examine the lack of quality of those candidates, and even more unbelievable, when you think the last Republican President was George W. Bush, #43, whose dad, #41, has just come out and said his son’s term was a disaster dominated by Cheney and Rumsfeld:   So an illegal war in Iraq; allowing 9-11 to happen despite the many warnings including the August 6th Presidential Daily Briefing (; and the second Republican Depression of 2008—all of these things somehow will allow another Republican to take office in our lifetimes?  I doubt so.

Today, Dr. Ben Carson, “Uncle” to his staffers (sounds like a sad excuse for a “inside” racial joke on Uncle Tom’s Cabin), admits that he made up the story in his book about being offered a scholarship to West Point (

Or his amazing claim that Biblical Joseph used the great pyramids for grain storage:  Plus any of his utterances on Nazis, guns, women, abortion, rape, or slavery; and the comparisons to real-life issues.

Robert Reich writes today (November 6th):

“Ben Carson responded to charges that he’s politically inexperienced by writing in a Facebook post late yesterday that “every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no elected office experience.”

Wrong. Most signers – including Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock — had been elected to their colonial assemblies prior to signing the Declaration.

After being notified of his error, Carson changed his post to say the signers had no “federal” elected office experience. True, but neither did anyone else because at the time the Declaration was signed there wasn’t yet a federal government.

Carson thereby proves he’s not just inexperienced. He also doesn’t know American history, doesn’t know about the federal government, and doesn’t know the limits of his own ignorance.

What’s do you think?”

My Tea Party cousin, when Donald Trump fell behind Benny Carson (, said on her Facebook site that it was a conspiracy of the Mainstream Media to destroy America’s best hope and change (hey, wasn’t that Obama’s slogan?).  Anyway, Trump and her really behaved like babies.  Trump is often a bully.  Then maybe that is the goal?

This campaign has lower low points every week.  Just when the bottom is hit, the next candidate looks for the next lowest bar.  Certainly it is things that are said that shock me in my 57 years of life experience and my 200 year knowledge of American politics.

It is always: “open mouth insert foot” (or maybe both feet).  Not just a gaffe, or a misspeak, or an error in facts—these people don’t apologize or even care that the things they say are outrageous to thinking individuals, society and human civilization as a whole.  They are often like the television evangelists barking for cash.  The mere mention of God wipes clean all their sins and makes a winning platform.

The late night talk shows have a banner night every night with the comedy of Republican candidates.   Certainly the truth is stranger than fiction.  Just read the press releases from a campaign verbatim and the comedy is pure.  Unfortunately, the joke is on the American People and it is a very sad state of affairs.

This Republican Presidential Election cycle may set the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” record for the most potential candidates having been indicted in their home state and at trial: Scott Walker, Rob Perry, Chris Christie, Ben Carson; and this being the reason for them having to exit the campaign.  With Bobby Booby Jindahl leaving on November 18th, and being from Louisiana, one can only imagine the indictments pending there.  It is amazing that these folks can possibly even think that their crimes actually qualify them for office.  This could be both the legal and medical definition of psychopath.  It is amazing that the Republican National Committee and Fox News encourages these folks to run and it is certainly an indication of their lack of ethics.

Why are we supporting any of these bozos that hate the government and want to get into office to destroy it.  This makes no sense to say this is a “qualification.”  People with no political experience are somehow welcomed as fresh insight to our nation’s problems.  They tout their business experience that includes bankruptcies, layoffs, venture capitalism and offshoring; all things that have gotten us into the economic mess we are in.  With these qualifications, we should just have ISIS terrorists run our country instead.

I know that in American history: politics have been dirty, candidates have been inept, and elections rigged (like Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004); but this cycle has been an embarrassment, not only of our nation, but to the world and the history-of-all-time; the ancient Greeks, inventors of Democracy, must be rolling in their graves.