I can’t believe that a supposed professor of law, Mr. Christopher Demuth, would write this diatribe that hides behind the veil of the very United States Constitution that protects it. It espouses an opinion of the narrowest view of a free government and makes no mention of the Federal Register, Administrative Law or Case Law.

I can’t imagine that Imprimus (http://imprimis.hillsdale.edu), a publication of 2.9 million readers, would think this Position Paper is worthy of printing or promoting.

I can’t understand how a College, Hillsdale, would harbor this type of hate speech squarely aimed against the first African-American President. Sure it is hidden in the guise of restoring Congressional power (Reviving a Constitutional Congress), but that evaporated with the rise of the maniacal Tea Party (which is uninterested in civil governing).

All of this bigotry, from the three above points of view, can best be explained by the hidden goals of the funders: American Enterprise Institute, National Review, Koch Brothers, Sean Hannity, the Federalist Society, and the dupes who invest in a Hillsdale Annuity.   All just want “a college that is not Liberal.”   An institution that would train an army of dupes to bolster its cabal.


I believe the most used wording in the “constitutional piece” is not constitution but “President Obama”; which clearly gives away the purposes of this Conservative hit piece. There is even a small attack on Planned Parenthood aimed at an organization, which now has been vindicated but is still red meat for the uninformed. I know I am hiding behind your postage free label. But you are probably a group of 2nd Amendment and concealed carry nuts; and in this regard are dangerous to the security of a free state.   I am glad to use your stamp to diminish your funds in the spirit of the marketplace you try to control and turn the rest of us into your slaves.