This latest of my diatribes comes from an inspiration of a American Heritage magazine article of some 18 pages.  I could no longer find a link for it, and was not ambitious enough to scan it.  However, I keep it on my bathroom shelf and read it from time to time.  Because this is the challenge that is faced by the democratic party especially when the republican blowhards like a Ted Cruz figure a government shutdown is the way to approach governing and the best government is a dead government (drowned in the bathtub as Grover Norquist advocates).

“How a Government Born of a Tax Revolt has (and hasn’t) Solved the Problem of Making its Citizens Pay”

American Heritage Magazine ~ Volume 47, Number 3, May/June 1996.  American Taxation by John Steele Gordon.

Jean Baptiste Colbert, the financial genius who kept Louis XIV’s famously expensive government afloat, once said: “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing.”

Today the American goose flock, 260 million strong is hissing furiously over the nation’s federal tax system, and it is not hard to see why.

The Internal Revenue Code take up two volumes six inches on the bookshelf