So this country is really suffering from so many things; maybe even too many to list here in this posting.  None of the charts of economic factors or even social factors are looking good; now or in the future.  On many of these polls people are saying they are not optimistic on our future.  This is sad.  But if we look at the causes and effects of these problems, the root cause may be a lack of ideas and the ability to follow through (solutions).  Maybe, if we had more Hippies?

Yes, that is what I said.  No, not more people from the 1960’s, but rather their spirit and desires.  Yes, that “can-do” intellect and pre-Internet sharing of ideas through the Whole Earth Catalogue (  No, not the desires of free love, but rather that “Love Thy Neighbor” attitude.  They definitely had a simpler life without the stress we have today.  The only really big problem was the Vietnam War that we were slowly losing and could never win no matter how long it dragged on.  The other under-the-surface-problem was the drug abuse; because drugs were a way to escape the problems of the war.

So what I am proposing is a new generation of Hippies.  Having the youth adopt some of these concepts and ideas.  They have already done some of this (I think the “drop out” of the corporate rat race).

The Hippies had the first alternative energy systems and lived in remote locations “off the grid.”  They organized a political movement that passed a Amendment to the constitution to allow 18 year olds the Right to Vote.

What else did the Hippies do?