There is a movement led by insane people who seem to be associated with the Tea Party and perhaps the fossil fuel industry.  They are attacking every local planning effort as being associated with “Agenda 21” of the United Nations.  The United Nations and even President Wilson’s League of Nations) have been opposed by the Republican Party for decades.  Any limitation on the global domination of the American military (on which they make a tidy profit) is opposed by these profiteers.  This is that warning of President Eisenhower against the Military Industrial Complex.  But today after the rise of the neo-cons under Bush-Cheney and the expensive privatization of military duties in Iraq and Afghanistan it is even a more profitable venture.

So the plan is that if local power of government can be limited by dominating local planning organizations—subsequent taxes opt spending will be avoided and available for unnecessary wars or the Wall Street gambling casino where local funds will be “lost” in the commodities markets and through commissions.

Yet, most local planning is based on sustainable development and the stopping of unbridled speculation of developers that cost local taxpayers trillions.  So stopping any local planning is profitable to the previously mentioned villains.  But they are not that smart, and in fact, I think they are in fact insane.

It is best said in their own words:



Many across the country have become familiar with Agenda 21. To various degrees, people have succeeded in awakening their communities. Today the objective is to widen that circle and accelerate efforts to regain control of local government.

The Globalist war on America has matured to the point that it has now become local. As in all wars, one must understand the opposition, their goals, and their Action plan if there is any chance of winning even a battle. Also, one must know the values one is fighting for in order to win the war. Freedom Advocates exists to assist in both regards.

The first step in joining the effort to restore America is to understand the nature of what it is we are fighting for and what it is that we must expose.

Next is to understand your local circumstance – the role of all local NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), the role of local political party objectives (Democrat and Republican), the misdirection of your school boards, water boards, and other officials…

Then, combine with others in your community and develop a plan to seek out and inform the unaware; plan community events to further spread the word, and use existing documentation from sources such as Freedom Advocates and create a localized analysis of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development ‘in action’ locally: develop a strategy to circulate the information for public consumption. Use Community TV and other forums.

Beware of the rise of controlled opposition. Controlled opposition appears in many forms and regularly rises as awareness of Agenda 21 grows in your community. Ironically it can effectively take the form of defending private property while working to silence the growing understanding regarding Agenda 21. Be alert.

Know about Regionalism. Understand Councils of Governments (COGs). This is the Sovietized U.S. federal program for the financing and implementation of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development at the local level. Study the One Bay Area (San Francisco, CA) plan to see how federal funding intends to transform America.

Cause awareness to rise concerning the consistent attack from all levels of government on private property, how education has transformed to advance “Global citizenship” while preparing the children for a role in the global workforce, and how technology is being used to monitor and control human action.