Recently, on-line postings on FaceBook have highlighted the developing rift between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders camps within the Democratic Party.  I believe that most of this rift is being created by Republican operatives—well, because that is the way they have ALWAYS done it.

Why Are So Many People ‘Bernie Or Bust’?

The Republicans thrive on dirty tricks. We need to remember Nixon, Watergate and Donald Segretti; whose minions were Karl Rove, Ralph Reed, Jack Abramhoff and George W. Bush:  I’m sure these guys are the role models for today’s trolls on FaceBook sites.

It is not that hard to find it because it happens so often:

Do any of you remember during the Vietnam War hippies spitting on returning veterans at airports?   Some guy wrote a book on this and investigated 10,000 claims of this happening ( Two were actual protests by SNAC members then the national organization issued guidelines not to do it anymore. But the Young College Republicans ( under Segretti’s mentorship and started dressing up as Hippies and spitting on soldiers and they did it at over 100 airports, because the nation was so incensed at this action and they thought it would help Nixon’s campaign.

The Southern Strategy ( was developed by Lee Atwater ( for the Nixon campaign.  These are things that really drove voters away from the parties and voting at all.  Which coincidentally is another part of the strategy.

DA says: 90% of the “Bernie or Bust” and “Bernie Bros” folks are FAKE – they are GOP Trolls, purposely paid and trying to stir up shit in the Democratic Party, going online to start arguments and get real Democrats to argue, fight, and eventually block each other. It’s a means of disrupting communications and cooperation; part of their underhanded guerrilla tactics.

The same can be said of “Hillary Helots” – her fake supporters, also GOP Trolls – working the opposite end for the same goal, disruption of the Democratic Party.

The other 10% legitimately support Bernie or Hillary, and are simply so selfish and self-centered that they would sacrifice the well-being of the entire country out of spite if they don’t get their way, like children who will make the entire nation eat mud pies for dessert if they don’t get their choice of Ice Cream flavor.

It is NECESSARY that we find a way to agree, and to come together in the spirit of cooperation to support whomever is the Democratic nominee, in order to prevent a Republican administration from having the chance to finish their efforts to destroy this country. The ability to compromise and cooperate is the hallmark of the Democratic Party which proves that we are, indeed, superior to the alternative of Fascism and Corporate Feudalism to which the other side wants to doom us.

A typical viewpoint is GF: Those who do not vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who he or she will be are NAZI REPUBLICAN SUPPORTERS. Remember Ralph Nader?

So we need to HEAL this rift and STOP any more personality attacks before the rift gets too deep.  Staying home because your candidate lost or was treated unfairly is childish.