In looking at the 2016 Republican Presidential Election I started to ask the question to myself: does greed and religious zealotry lead to a person’s insanity? I mean being so enamored by the pursuit of money and the devotion to religious ideals like the rapture; that you deny reality or assistance to your fellow man. You put your being above all else, and above all others.

Greed: way too much and more than enough; are in fact, never enough in the deepest part of the mind. Religious Zealotry: those movements and religious fanatics are people who truly believe they are right and there is no other philosophical way—no middle of the road, no compromise as exists in almost other aspects of a civil society like marriage, the judicial system, education, neighborhood associations, etc.

Liberals don’t generally engage in violence, hatred or confrontation to make a point and that is why anti-liberals do so well on Fox News, at Trump Rallies, on the Pettis Bridge, in the Board Room, and in Congress.  True we talk about revolution a lot; but it is the metamorphical kind. We are not in your face people—full of rage and carrying a gun. Yelling to drown out any kind of common sense or law and order. But we write and we complain in the writing but unfortunately no one reads anymore. Especially, if it is long and complicated. But long and complicated is what it takes to explain why average Americans are in the world of hurt they are in.  This ain’t no sound-byte material that the Republican Presidential Election engages in.

You’ve seen those people on television that go to a Black Lives march and carry signs that say “All Lives Matter” then drive off in their pick-up trucks with a Confederate battle flag on them.  Of course All Lives Matter and this goes without saying.   But why protest a Black Lives Matter march?  What are you trying to protect?  Why sport a Confederate battle flag if you don’t know what it means?  (Treason for a start).  What image are you trying to project?  There are so many questions I have—because I can not believe the blissful ignorance of the Republican side.  Donald Trump voters gleefully say they are coming out of the woodwork because things (government) is so bad.  During the week of February 29, 2016, they were asked if Donald Trump does win would they have a second choice and 85% said “no.”

But this is the election of the angry voter many of them uniformed and with poor educations; especially on the Republican side.  Even Donald Trump after Nevada election says he courts this type of person and boasted about it.   It sort of sounded like Nazi Josef Goebbels defense of propaganda.

This may be the election of hate.  Hatred of immigrants, Muslims, and in general Others.  The building of walls instead of bridges even gained the ire of the Pope.  So that the issue of the core principles of christianity were raised; and where the candidates possess these values.  On February 28th, Donald Trump was asked about the endorsement of David Duke and his associated Ku Klux Klan minions.   He repeatedly said he didn’t know either organization despite his year 2000 video where he says David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan ware despicable.

So in Greed we must include all those people who vote Republican and want to give tax breaks to the rich; because one day they think they will be rich.  Even those who still believe in the false precept of Trickle Down Economics (  You know of course the system is rigged against you and it is impossible to became a millionaire except by illegal means: drugs, cheating business practices, hiring illegals, insider trading, rigging commodities trading, cheating on your taxes, keeping cash accounts at your store, etc.  Even inventions are often patents bought out by the big evil corporations.  My cousin at IBM had just under 500 patents he worked on and only got $500 a piece for them; with the proceeds retained by IBM/NCR/MicroSoft.  So Balzac’s quote “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime” (é_de_Balzac); still applies.

Politicians by definition are no strangers to double talk and double standards.  But this election seems like a new low; maybe as bad as the election of 1800–or even worse.

The religious zealots believe in things like the end game justifies any means necessary (lying, bombing of abortion clinics to kill doctors, all things are on the table in the greater service of God); things like the Rapture and the bringing about of the End Times  The Dominionists also believe this crazy completely illogical thinking  It is said that Sarah Palin main reason for accepting the GOP VP slot under John McCain in 2008 was to be close to the Red Button for nuclear destruction so she could fulfill the prophesy in Revelations (Bible) that calls for a world war where all of Israel is destroyed except for 144,000 Jews who are brought together by sword point and are forced to convert to Christianity.  Crazy for Coco Puffs….

So Greed and Religious Zealotry seemingly do lead to insanity!  God Bless America—or God Save America?