I don’t know that I can express this topic better than this Daily Kos article: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/4/3/1508396/-Donald-Trump-n-lovers-commies-and-Barack-Obama?detail=email&can_id=efb06ea3443356a0782cb8080d6f0247&source=email-donald-trump-n-lovers-commies-and-barack-obama&email_referrer=donald-trump-n-lovers-commies-and-barack-obama&email_subject=donald-trump-n-lovers-commies-and-barack-obama&link_id=1

The posters from the 1950-60’s are just amazing and really illustrate that period of attacking “N-lovers, commies, and liberals.”   Nowadays it is a whole culture of “Obama haters.”  The old vestiges of white supremacy.   The people who used to walk around and secretly say: “the South will Rise Again.”

We worry about the racists from the Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi Party (David Duke) endorsing Trump but so many other racists have come out for ALL the Republican candidates.  In Wisconsin, on April 3rd, the Nazi Party is robocalling all Republicans in the state.  It is sad when this is the norm of Republican politics and not the exception or outrage.  No one is speaking out against this even my other Nixon-Republican cousin says they (the MSM) are giving Trump’s worst sound bytes and are not pointing out some of his profound statements.   How can you defend this man, his actions or his fans?  Fans coming from the root of the word fanatical.  This is the state of “Modern Radical Racism” in the Republican Party.  The once patriotic and proud GOP.