Recently, there have been comparisons between Trump and Hitler, and of course they are shouted down as extreme.  But are they really extreme if we go back to Adolf Hitler’s roots? (who was part Jewish by the way); let’s analyze this.

Radio Personality Thom Hartmann on his show always says: wherever you make a Hitler comparison to someone, to make a point, you have lost your argument—because there has never in human history been anything as bad as the Nazis.  But the above links weigh the new meme: “is Trump like the ‘early’ Hitler?”

This theme started early in Trump’s campaign when he first talked about building the wall and how criminal Mexicans were.  This was back in Spring of 2015 and it morphed into how Trump was more Mussolini-like.  Side-by-sides of the two dictators have been posted.  Mussolini built up Italy through fascism and promoting Italian businesses.  “Make Italy Great Again!”  Trump embraced the comparisons to Mussolini.

So Thom Hartman tells us how his own thinking evolved from the stated Godwin’s Law (that no comparisons to Hitler are good arguments).

I think Godwin’s Law certainly has value; and holds true in almost every circumstance.  I also think that Hitler didn’t start from day one clearly espousing the events he was setting in motion that ended up as the Holocaust and World War Two.  In retrospect, we can see it clearly, dog whistles and all, but he didn’t stand on a crate on the street that first day describing gas chambers and ovens as the Jewish solution and Liebstraum (living space) for Germans; he embarked on a slow planned process.  His slogans might have even been “Make Germany Great Again.”  But he was always talking and screaming in his speeches, but not making a lot of good policy points.  Saying things that just got people extremely riled up, because they were already angry about the German Depression and the impossible position the WWI Allies put them in when they called for accelerated payments.  He didn’t say the “Final Solution” was to exterminate the Jewish race.  He alluded to making laws that gave Germans “preference” in business, housing and jobs (things people desperately needed—much like sending the Mexicans back to Mexico).  The byproduct of making Jewish people leave the country really didn’t enter the average German’s mind.  But in reality how else were you going to do it?  See my article on how Trump would do it:  So this “German Solution” was the United States’ equivalent to “White Privilege.”

Trump “hate speech” (because you can’t really label it any other way) is like: “making Muslims the enemy.” Jews were made the ‘enemy’ in speeches in 1928-1932.  Violence by followers ensued.  They could not control it, just as Trump can not.  The Nazis did not want to control it because it increased their political power.  Maybe just as Trump doesn’t want to control it.  The people being thrown out of his campaign stops I believe are paid roadies going from performance to performance just like a carnival might have to heighten the enthusiasm about the circus coming to town before WWII.  It is a genius embodiment of Nazi tactics that is working and won him the Republican Presidential Nomination.  This is an extraordinary achievement for one so uneducated, and unlucky in his primary business, just as Hitler was uneducated and a failure as a painter.

Hitler sent the disabled and mentally ill to be sterilized and later put to death to save the government a buck!  That will seemingly be a future Trump policy.  Hitler attacked immigrants as taking German jobs, and he attacked single mothers and people on what we would now call welfare, as lazy and undesirables.  He had a hatred of women, from apparently how the women in his family treated him.  But where did Trump learn this stuff?
It’s old news, but there’s so much in his past, that we have conveniently forgotten, it’s easy for things we should remember as patriotic and informed citizens, to get buried in today’s 24/7 news/infotainment cycles.  Here’s something that shouldn’t be forgotten by educated voters, an article from Vanity Fair:

“Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed……
(Comment: Hair Drumpf famously apparently doesn’t read much, at least beyond twitter and his press, so it is notable that this is what he kept beside his bed for nighttime reading — the thoughts upon which he chose to end his day and inform his dreams.)

Donald is a believer in the big-lie theory,” his lawyer had told me. “If you say something again and again, people will believe you.”—also, from the Vanity Fair article.”

The Big Lie Theory of Josef Gobbles (and Hitler) worked well for them and whipped the populace into a feeding frenzy, just as Herr Trump has done.  People like the sharks in television “shark week” want blood.  The “big lie” was most famously used when a Jewish man with Communist leanings was framed for bombing the Reichstag (the German capitol building).  Definitely the guy was found there, but he may have been drugged and placed there by the Nazi Party.  People saw him every day at the Reichstag carrying protest signs and chanting; so it was plausible to any observers.  The whole 1932 campaign then focused on foreigners and communists, and well Jews; because they were controlling the money that the populace didn’t have.  Painting these innocent people as the “enemy” and Hitler as the “Law and Order” candidate propelled him into power (Trump in July 2016 has been using Nixon’s Law and Order memes and stating the current Administration as weak and incapable—just as Hindenberg the German leader was painted).  It enabled their political explosion and having a scapegoat to blame the nations problems on.  This group of “Brown-Shirted” thugs became a patriotic group.  The heroes that could save the country from the establishment.

An internationally illegal Military buildup restored the economy and repaid Hitler’s early campaign contributors.  Then in 1939 on the Polish border, Nazi Storm Troopers dressed as Polish Soldiers bombed a German radio station, and this enabled Hitler to say “Poland attacked first.”  The big lie whipped up people’s emotions and patriotism to start World War Two.   Then after it started it was too late to back down; the generals who were hesitant to follow Hitler were suddenly propelled by patriotism.   Germans were too proud, Hitler had gotten their country back on track, and fulfilled the National Anthem’s pledge Deustchland Uber Allies–‘Germany above all others.’

It is always easy to take over a nation when people are demoralized and poverty stricken.  At this point, all they want is a strong leader, and they don’t particularly care what he says or does.    Just appear strong and never back down.  Stand at the podium and mimick Hitlers body language and hand gestures and that is all it takes.  The teleprompter must really help in today’s age.  Make no apologies for your crude remarks; just change the subject.  “Where’s my African American in the crowd?”

When you think of Trump’s speeches, they are lacking substance, facts and truth.  Very unpresidential, but so was Hitler accused of this—by the German media elite of the day.  Yet, the  “German media elite” were seen as just this elite and no capable of understanding the common man’s plight (how is a reported billionaire capable of doing this?).   Being President, seriously?  He can’t even answer a straightforward practical question from a reporter (many of them “on his side”), let alone a detailed policy question.  It’s called smoke and mirrors, and he is a master at it.  It is the beginnings of a big lie ascension to power.  Blaming Mexicans for taking your job is fast and easy; instead of explaining how your line of ties being made in China is actually the root cause.  Yes, now that we see it clearer, Trump IS like the ‘early’ Hitler.


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