The title of this piece: How would Trump round up 11-15 million “Illegal Aliens”?; poses a number of processes that will be almost impossible to coordinate to an effective outcome.  The processes foretell of a dictatorship in our long standing democracy.  But it did happen in WWII with the Japanese Relocation Camps and it did happen rather quickly in 1942.  Some Germans and Italians were also rounded up.

First, there is the legality of such a program.  Is it Constitutional?  Could the U.S. Supreme Court perhaps packed by a President Donnie Trump (like FDR), then be relied on to overlook precedence (case law) and make the law of the land that they have to go?  Is it a emergency crisis like WWII was.  Perhaps another WWI Zimmerman Telegram can be found implementing foreign influences (in WWI it was German; maybe now Chinese or Russian) on the Mexican Government.

Secondly, then can Congress make supplemental laws to guide the processes (only Mexicans and not Indian H-Visa holders working in the computer industry)  Will Congress have enough White Supremacists to vote this in?  They are very close now under Ryan/McConnell.  Does Speaker Paul Ryan still have Presidential ambitions that will give him no stomach for such xenophobic programs?

Thirdly, who will write the implementing regulations?  Will the Federal Register process be skipped?  Is it the lead of Department of Homeland Security (ICE) or the U.S. Attorney General?  Will AG Chris Christie remember something from law school?  Will others involved in the rule-making processes resign based on principle and delay the process?

Fourthly, where will the manpower come from?  Handling 11-15 maybe 20 million people will take between 1-5 million employees. Or will we contract the process to TSA or a new contractor that will have months of training (on issues of: can deadly force be used?).  Going back to the 1920 Mexican Repatriation Act ( goals were setup for the police departments in California of 2,000 people a day.  At first it was easy for the Los Angeles Police Department to drive out to Bakersfield and pick up 2,000 people a day as they were picking crops, and then just bus them off.  Later, they just cleaned out all the downtown laundries, restaurants  and hotels (occasionally getting an American citizen who didn’t have any paperwork on them and who looked Brown, or spoke funny—not many people had driver’s license or even birth certificates back then).  Nowadays, a computer search would just round up all the Abeytas, Aragons and Arellanos, first ,then the Baca’s Chavez’s and Delgados next (the Zapatas and Zepedas would be so lucky, their name is last).  Ooops maybe another 20 million of Latino heritage are in fact, U.S. Citizens.  What about those Native Americans in the Southwest who have Hispanic last names, and are a little Brownish-Red?  We could lay traps for these undesirables in the “bad” side of town.  Just round them up like the sheep.

Fifthly, do we have enough planes, buses and maybe trains to take them all?  Maybe cattle trucks and train cars like the Nazis.  By the way who is paying for this all?  Is this a growth industry?

Sixthly, will Mexico accept these people?  Or will they send the army to the border to prevent their crossing?  What about those Guatemalans and El Salvadorans?   Or is every Latino just a Mexican?  Should we just nuke the Mexican Army and the waiting “Illegal Aliens” in camps awaiting the deportation?  Yes, this sounds easiest to Donnie Trumpster, the man with his finger on the nuclear button……..problem solved!  Now, how to suspend the election of 2020?