When a title starts off as “Facing the Insanity of Republicans” one has to wonder if the author is painting with too broad of a brush and introduces a theme of generalization, intolerance and a overall lack of facts.  But it really summarizes the problem with American society today.  We have turned over our leadership to a group of narrow-minded, greedy and intellectually-uncurious people who have affiliated themselves with the Grand Old Party (for purposes of self-promotion).

They stand together in a united political party when it is against their self-interests and the good of the nation as a whole.  If that is not the definition of insanity what is?

There are many poster children for this insanity, the newest Donnie Trumpster.  But remember Sarah Palin (“I can see Russia from my house)”, “Dr.” Ben Carson, Holy Ted Cruz, Rick InSanetorium, etc.; it is so easy to take potshots against these leaders because they are in fact insane.  Many of them in the limelight have had those instant psychological profiles by professionals to explain their bizarre behavior, statements and antics.  Where are the adults in the room?

This in reality is a dangerous crowd.  The people we are standing against believe that the Bible says the Earth was created just 6,000 years ago —-meaning in scientific terms that oil was just created like ten (10) years ago. So following this “logic” (insanity?) in another ten years we can double our oil reserves. Hey—no problem, drill baby drill!

Look at the Republicans in Congress. They have met less times than any other Congress in history, have spend more time raising more money than any other Congress in history, and taken more insane votes like what 65 times to repeal ObamaCare?  Even Obama impeachment has been introduced.