Gary Johnson was an unmitigated disaster as the Governor of New Mexico.  He cannot be seriously considered for President.

It was a quaint idea to elect a political neophyte as governor that had no ties to any special interests and was independently wealthy and didn’t need to make money from the position.  I thought “maybe he is what we need at this point in time.”  In fact, he promised to be a one term governor, which is a promise a lot of people liked; but it didn’t happen either.  I met with Gary Johnson six times in meetings and found out a lot about who he really is (not a pretty sight).

On one occasion, a man who identified himself as a person who was standing in line with him at the Division of Motor Vehicles, and who had actually encouraged him to run for governor when the lines were too long for them, shared with our group the libertarian and anti-government views that he and the future governor shared.  This is disqualification enough—you want to change government by destroying it.  Vengeance is not a pretty altruist motive for public service; or any acceptable method for governance.  Join government to make it better, more efficient, even more effective; don’t tear it down to boost your own ego and Libertarian leanings.  On another issue at that meeting, he committed to turning over our Air New Mexico National Guard jet fighters to a John Bircher militia group located near Edgewood.  Imagine white supremacists with fighter jets in their revolution (against YOU the reader).

Johnson prides himself in breaking the mold of “going along to get along” that so many governors have done since our laws concentrate at least 55-65% of the power of state government in the Legislature (this is a phrase in 4-term Governor Bruce King’s book: Cowboy in the Roundhouse).  With this power structure every Governor has always “played ball” with the legislature (especially with the Guv only controlling 25-30% of the power).  So he was on television nightly bragging about setting a veto record; as sort of an “in-your-face, Mr. Citizen Legislator.”

Those 700 vetoes, the veto record—were damaging, one was the line item veto of 24 of the 26 Constitutional Amendments developed over six years by the nonpartisan Constitutional Revision Commission a work in progress since the 1969 Constitutional Convention that failed (nearly 100 years of work down the drain—former Gov. Bruce King said that the biggest disappointment of his life was not being able to pass the 1969 Constitutional Convention that he chaired).  Another veto was the Tax Overhaul Bill that Rep. Jerry Sanderson and the bipartisan Tax Study Committee worked on for nine years.  They brought the 45 tax exemptions and 54 tax deduction special interests into a room and put everything on the table. Then they crafted a bill in the best interests of the state. If the bill had not been vetoed by Johnson it had triggers in it that would avoid the economic downturn we faced in 2008-2009.  Thanks Gary for our recession!   Enough said about vetoes…..although funding for the Horizons Task Force in 1995 was set to reverse a trend of not conducting statewide planning in our state that had stopped with President Reagan’s killing of the Revenue Sharing program in 1981.

But I believe “Goofy Gary”  (a name I coined for him in my editorials against him) was penny wise and pound foolish.  His cabinet people like Heather Wilson (later a U.S. representative) touted that they were saving money by turning in their official cars (thus saving $25,000 per car).  Then promptly spent over $110,000.00 to remodel an office in Albuquerque so she could stay there and not commute to Santa Fe (the seat of government, which by state law—an official must live in the Capitol unless exempted by the State Legislature).

On another occasion federal funds were misspent at the N.M. Child Care program where I worked, so the feds started an audit that Senator Domenici asked to call off (eventually David Iglesias, U.S. Attorney General, N.M. District, lost his job over this and wrote a book about exposing Domenici and Wilson).  Domenici (who fathered a child with the wife of one of his Senate Colleagues—honestly the party of family values really has some hidden agendas) told DHHS that if they wanted to preserve their budget they would stop the audit (and they did, to the loss of the taxpayers like YOU the reader).

In typical Newt Gingrich fashion, Johnson divorced his wife, after she survived cancer (his wife’s parents gave Gary the money to start a Handyman business since he couldn’t hold any other jobs).  Johnson’s business grew and got the contact at Intel to do the plumbing even though he wasn’t qualified.  To pass a pipe pressure test inspection and get a vital money draw to keep his business open, he stuffed a live employee in the 18 inch pipe with plastic bags.  They passed the inspection but at what potential cost?  (This came out from the losing Gov. Bruce King campaign).

Ahhh, to have the morals of a Republican!  Those family values kind…..

I wrote a 110 page book about these misdeeds and forwarded it to the state Democratic Party.  As a state employee, I actually met five times with him at his “Open Door at Four” for five-10 minutes each, and I gave him cost savings ideas that he just couldn’t get and thus never implemented—so taxpayers lost.  Being a strict Libertarian he was more interested in making government fail and go out of existence.

Gary Johnson’s appearance at a Tea Party Event in South Carolina in 2012, as a Presidential candidate,  was hailed as the deliverance of a messiah.  But people need to know his true record; so I wrote this WordPress post.

The biggest point is he was unsuccessful as Governor (and would be as President) because he did not know how to work within the system AND DID NOT CARE TO LEARN IT.  He violated the constitution MANY times and wound up at the N.M. Supreme Court on at least six occasions, losing—which taxpayers pay BOTH sides of.  How is this good or acceptable in a civil society?   First time, second time maybe; but tenth time or more?  Citizens need to wake up!

I called into the Thom Hartman show April 8, 2011 to say “those 700 vetoes, the veto record—were damaging” because so many people are enamored with Goofy Gary.  I mean he seems like a nice guy and tells you what you want to hear.  Especially about Donnie Trump.  But what real substance is there?

I met with Gary Johnson six times in meetings and found out a lot about who he really is; an egomaniac-liar with no intentions of making things better for all of us.

Two small handymen started their businesses in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area in the 1980’s. They were likeable guys but started to do anything for money. They didn’t let their employees unionize and received contracts because they didn’t let union workers work with them. Big national companies like that kind of thing.

One man forced his employee into a pipe with running water to lower the pressure and pass a plumbing inspection to get a bank draw-down for his work at Intel computer chip factory in Rio Rancho. Risking that man’s life for money. He became a millionaire after that job and later the Republican Governor of our state. He is now running for President —-Gary Johnson.

The other hired many people for his roofing company and then called the U.S. Immigration Service on payday so he wouldn’t have to pay them. Then he ordered them into the desert to dump the old roofs and excess tar causing environmental concerns. By saving the costs of dump fees and salaries, he too became a millionaire. Now he is our Lieutenant Governor Republican John Sanchez.  Unions would have gotten in the way of these illegal acts and these two men are grateful they didn’t have to deal with unions. This is what built America—when bosses can risk their employees lives and pay them little to nothing.

And if more proof is needed to the reader, let’s go back to the past to the Republican touted administration of Fiscal Conservative Governor Gary Johnson, who is now somehow qualified to run for President.

Lee said:

“It’s a common mistake to draw conclusions about the beliefs of politicians based on what they say.

The game of American politics involves saying what you need to say to get votes from your electoral base, while doing what you need to do to retain the support of the big money boys who bankroll your campaigns.

Since the votes come from the people at large, and the money comes from a small handful of wealthy elites, the challenge of a successful politician is to act in the interests of his elite backers, while speaking in such a way as to rationalize his actions to and  ingratiate himself with the chumps in the cheap seats.

Because of this, it is much more illuminating to observe the actions of politicians than it is to listen to them.

If you observe their actions, I think you will conclude as I have that both parties serve the elite, and the apparent differences between the two have more to do with rhetoric than with substance, and with the fact that they are sometimes representing different factions within the elite.”

It is the above type of comments that open the door for a third party to come in and then defeat the party they are most like.  It has happened every election like with Teddy Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party that took out Taft’s Republicans.  Too often, your Third party choice elects the person (Trump) you most fear or detest.