Often we hear that: “I am voting for the democrat for President and the Republicans in Congress to hold him in check.”  Well, not only are Democrats are held in check but government becomes totally dysfunctional.  We don’t get our money’s worth, or in fact any action.  This voting “strategy” has in fact made the Republican Party still viable during the Obama landslide for Hope and Change.  So all we got was “Disappointment and Stalemate.”

This has been the history all during the Obama Administration and quite frankly when Clinton was elected in 1992.  Republican obstructionism.  No compromise and shoddy governance by inactivity.

—so I say this year get rid of Republicans at all levels!

Why get rid of Republicans at all levels?

Because government is about serving the “We The People” and not just the upper 1% masters, and the want-to-bes.

We also hear that there is “No Difference between Democrats and Republicans“; and there has never been a larger load of bullshit dumped on the American people—by who I suspect are Republican operatives.  Especially, when they are trying to get Third Parties involved.

Republicans are bad news to the 99% of us.  Before G.W. Bush left office he appointed all kinds of cronies like Brownie, the American Quarterhorse Association President guy who oversaw FEMA & Katrina, to permanent positions.  So it will take another twenty years to get them out of government (jobs that they despise but they know by staying they help to “destroy the beast”).  We all suffer when Republicans are put in power at any level (and for any length of time).  Even at dog catcher they are too lazy to go after rabid dogs.

No, I shouldn’t joke—part of our national problem is we shifted from 38 democratic governors in 1998 to less than 24 now. Also secretary of states went republican, so that a lot of gerrymandering occurred which then shifts the U.S. Congress and State legislatures from Democratic Party to Rethugican.  State attorney generals are also becoming Republican, so there is no watchdog.  Then the  press  (the watchdog of the watchdogs) is so decimated and Republican bought—that this never gets out to the light of day.  Fox News simply says we have a Liberal Press, and no one challenges this.  ABC, CBS and NBC use Fox News stories because first source reporting is so expensive.

We should all know by now that the Republican obstructionism was planned on the day of Obama’s inauguration in 2009: http://swampland.time.com/2012/08/23/the-party-of-no-new-details-on-the-gop-plot-to-obstruct-obama/.  This should be widely disseminated and on the mind of every voter when they turn out the Republicans in 2016.  Senator Mitch McConnell’s one goal was to make Obama a one-term President: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-A09a_gHJc.  Never did he think about helping the American People; think of that when you vote.

Republicans are just not interested in making government better or turning out results for the average american.   Reference Grover Norquist’s quote: “My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub” (http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/grovernorq182534.html).  It is all about destroying government, dismantling it and profiting from the spoils.  National Parks give them away to our campaign supporters.  Privatize everything so we can become rich off of people’s suffering.  It is a mean-spirited libertarianism.

There is a lot of criticism of Hillary Clinton for her Wall Street speeches.  Well, you have to go where the money is.  Plus she is a creature of habit.  Let her take their money and fund Bernie supporters to do the ground game. As they are going door-to-door (paid) they will mobilize something Hillary cannot control. At age 72 in 2020, aged by the demands of the presidency, she’ll hang it up.  We will get the control of the Democratic Party which is the only way CHANGE can occur in our lifetimes.

If you let Trump and the Republicans pack the Federal Courts with right-wing ideologues and ignore climate change for another four to eight years, Bernie’s revolution will never succeed (it may be too late for the planet; or at least our species).  It will NOT be 4 or 8 years in SCOTUS more like 40-50 years.

This could be one bad scenario for us (corporate rats in the SCOTUS appointed by Hillary); but like Obama she is an attorney and I think they think about a “legal legacy” whereby Mr. John Doe is appointed and he serves 45 years and issues the most sweeping opinions and then every law school student gets to hear the Hillary name over and over.  It will be a lasting legacy for her to appoint really good judges.

Well, by manipulating Wall Street and causing a bust: people’s houses, investments, and pensions were taken in 2009 (the 2008 Republican Great Recession).  Yet, the wealthy wait it out and increase their net worth. Same in the Republican Great Depression in 1929, the big wealthy families came out stronger and the rest of wealth was eroded.  Same in the 1894 Republican Great Panic.  See the pattern?  Always Republicans breaking us and ripping us off to increase their personal fortunes.  No allegiance to having “good government” only a vow to profit and the only In God We Trust—is that all mighty dollar.

People say: “we need to vote our conscience and have courage.”  Courage is being that young Chinese man in Tiamin Square standing up against that tank (Donald Trump) and being run over and murdered.  Then in twenty years after showing your picture over and over again, China does change to some extent but still not enough; so you gave your life for nothing. Voting for Jill Stein an intellectualist with no practical political experience (politics is tough look at Bernie’s ride); will get us Donald Trump and the appointment of 3-5 right-wing supreme court justices that will greatly change this country for the next 40-50 years until the revolution takes them out (we’ll all die before then, of old age). Trump will use nuclear weapons around the globe (against ISIL in Syria, Iraq and Iran; maybe against former USSR countries that piss him off) thus sending us into a nuclear winter because he doubts Climate Change exists. Donald will give the remaining morsels on the table to his Rich buddies or Putin. Even the loss of what puny restaurant jobs we have now. An extreme recession after the Republican Great Recession of 2008 will get you back into the woods to live on Forest Services land or maybe you can farm everything you eat. So vote your principles, vote Jill Stein. She is on only 25 ballots (now 47) so write her in (no write-in candidate has ever won federal office). Definition of insanity?

http://www.greenvillegazette.com/p/texas-governor-vetoes-mental-health-bill-because-he-doesnt-believe-mental-illness-is-real-68905/  Some Republicans have come out and said the following: Rape is not real; racism isn’t real; poverty doesn’t exist; we don’t need a Clean Air or Clean Water Act; there isn’t a drug problem in this country; we need to burn more coal and oil; Climate Change doesn’t exist; Women’s place is in the home; All lives matter;—it really has become a convenient way of not funding anything that is needed—and the “model” for Republican governance.  Still people vote them in and drool over a campaign like Donald Trump’s.

http://www.dailydot.com/irl/lesbian-and-transgender-hillbillies-are-taking-over-your-town/  We all laugh here at Rush’s idiocy, but the average age for farmers and ranchers is 59 and some specialities are 67. That means a lot of farmers are over 80. Then the banksters are not loaning money to the youth to take over these farms. So this country is hurting. While over 75% of garlic is produced in China. Now garlic is the easiest thing to grow, harvest, process and preserve (no pests)—so if this product can no longer be grown here, and we need to import it from 10,000 miles away (a little bit of ClimateChange here), we are in bad shape…..

Bill Clinton in 1992 is when Republican insiders sat in Bush’s HQ across from Clinton’s and monitored the mail going out they saw none. So they didn’t gear up. All this time Dems were using Internet, and Bush was beat (it also helped that what’s his name—Ross Perot—was running).