How can a political party which makes enemies of us all, actually win? (or at least offending and harming the 99% of the nation outside of the richest 1%).  Why is this a good campaign strategy (hurting everyone you purport to help)?  Well read on…..

Republicans haven’t really changed their stripes in this whole time period (say since 1960).  They get elected and literally kill off the poor, destroy the middle class and get us entangled in war after war—while they make huge profits at it, and then bring the veterans back with no services for them and generally bankrupt the economy.

The demonization of minorities or ordinary people, like you and I, in order to win elections, has been the “winning formula” of Republicans for the last 4 decades and no one EVER talks about it.  If they did—Republicans would be extremely exposed and easy defeated every single election.

This “opposition” to Blacks and Hippies was organized by “Law and Order” Nixon (Trump is a student of this):  and  The pattern is repeated even today:

Trump is a master of this strategy dividing the We the People:

Forty-five years ago this week (8-24-2016), a single memo written by Lewis Powell kicked off the corporate takeover of the US government and inspired a generation of think tanks, lobbyists, and dirty money:

The top-secret Republican strategies have been used over and over EVERY election since 1960: class warfare (; Dog Whistle politics (; the Southern Strategy (; and the War on Women (  The ultimate goals of these often time divergent strategies are to achieve the Two Santa Claus Theory (

The whole complicated and hidden motive (strategy) is perhaps best summarized by Grover Norquist’s quote: “I’m not in favor of abolishing the government—I just want to shrink it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub;”and his “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” (   Norquist published Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives, in 2008.  The title leaving not much to the imagination of his destructiveness.  Norquist has also called for reductions in overall budget and defense spending as the best way to reduce the size of government.  He favors reduced government spending through the strangulation method of budget sequestration.

There was a powerful statistic in the Democratic Party candidate John Kerry election of 2004 talking about how in the period 1992-2004 27 million jobs paying $18 an hour and more (union with benefits) were replaced by 22 million jobs paying $13 an hour and less (service industry without benefits). He also put it another way 54,000 factories closed in this same time period losing 6 million direct jobs and another unknown quantity of jobs.  This resulted from tax and trade policies linked to the god Reagan and his religion of trickle down economics which have devastated this nation even today. Of course John Kerry did not win. How with these statistics on his side?

So 22 million jobs paying $13 an hour and less (service industry without benefits) are probably not going to college graduates and maybe not even citizens. But then that was the Republican plan all along…..the need to lower wages—so profits are maximized.

Republicans like to complain about how high taxes are.  The truth is we have the highest corporate tax in the world, but the top 500 Corporations pay from a range of -5% to 2+% not anywhere near the full rate of 35%.

Then look at public education, which by laws and Supreme Court rulings must be made available to all students regardless of color, race, economic status or location (Free and Appropriate Public Education).  Yet, now the Republicans dance around the law and create a two tiered school system:  The bottom line is: If you take away the best students to Charter schools and private schools (and their associated funding) and leave the “problem” and disruptive students; then the role of public education becomes much more difficult. Yet, Republicans back these policies because Neil Bush and Bill Bennett were getting $14.9 million annually each to issue the tests for No Child Left Behind. Why couldn’t a copy machine be used at 10 cents a page?

Also, Republicans in Texas for the state school board issue history and science textbooks which talk about slavery being good for the country and the Earth being 6,000 years old. since Texas is so big, these books then become the nationwide model; while the textbook companies make millions and then contribute to Republican campaigns.  A vicious circle of corruption……

The Charter School, pushed by more affluent Republicans for nearly two decades, makes it easy to “abandon” the Public School system.  Just go off into a Charter School system by paying the higher fees that you can afford and leave the old Public School buildings and their people there to rot.  And not only do charter schools take the best students, they also take the more involved and educated parents which is a huge loss for the public schools.  The parents, who in their mini-vans, take the most disadvantaged students on field trips (when their parents are working the 2-3 jobs that President G.W. Bush said was “uniquely American”  People like Neil Bush and the “Seven Million Dollar Gambler” Bill Bennett profit immensely by selling curriculum to them.  It is like the Prison Industry scam of CCA and Wackenhut who contributed $200 million dollar to Republican candidates in 2000.

You can see this same strategy being used in privatizing prisons.  Take away the rehabilitatable people and leave the worst of the worst in the public prison.  At the privatized prison they save the majority of their money on meals and medical services and then turn back the prisoners to the public prisons who are starving to death or who are dying without medical services.

In each area of ‘normal American quality of life’, the historically termed: American Way of Life; Republicans have destroyed or manipulated the opportunities for ordinary and unpriveleged people.  The GOP has sought to keep us poorer and more beholding to the rich for jobs (it is a return to the poor houses and slavery).  Then we are too afraid and too stupid to vote for anything but the GOP.


Republicans despite their claim of being the Party of Family Values are very morally deficient.  Just look at the character of men Trump would pick for the Supreme Court:

Noam Chomsky writes about it, in his usual eloquence:

I was listening to a right wing show and they talked about a new book, titled: “New Advances in Freedom: Individual Choices.”  So I googled it and it doesn’t exist.  But it has all the “feel good” words trying to attract the flies to the honey.  What popped up was this from the Heritage Foundation:  A lot of charts and figures to confuse us and make us think they know what they are talking about.  The whole right-wing spin machine has confused Americans about whose side the GOP is on.  It must be made absolutely clear that they have never been, nor will they ever be, your friend.

Face it, if you have ever voted Republican; you have been duped.  If you vote for Trump you will be duped again (come back and read this in one year to prove it—unless you are in one of his re-education camps).  For internet citations and further evidence, please be sure to read the comments below.


A little sideline:

What Would Sitting Bull Do?

What Would Sitting Bull Do?