Listen to Thom Hartmann on the radio. Jill Stein has come out in 2012 and now 2016 to be “awarded” the Green Party nomination. Yet, in these off-years, as the “Titular Head of the Party” she does nothing to achieve major party status for the Green Party and thus the party is only on 25 state ballots. So voting your principles when it is only a HALF OPTION is insane.

It would be impossible for Jill to win, participate in the debate (she needs 15% support in polling), or make statement of an alternative choice because her name is not on 20 states’ ballots and it is too LATE to do anything about it.  She is improving though, because in June it was over 30 states that the Green Party had forgotten to push the issue on.  Plus not all states allow write-in—so this is a failed strategy.

But this is just logic, Jill Stein just went from 3% to 2% in the polls in September, becoming totally insignificant.  People say they are voting for her anyway as a  vote of conscience.  Sounds all noble and pure.  But a “vote of conscience”that could bring Supreme Court idiots for fifty years will torture minorities in this country for the same period of time.  Perhaps Jill Stein should say publicly: “I am suspending my campaign and asking all my voters to go for HRC, and I am touring the country to do voter registration and asking those voters the day after the election to change their registration to the Green Party.”  This would do more to assist the Green Party to expand than all the chest pounding for Jill Stein that is going on.  This was Nader’s compromise with Al Gore in 2000.

So get 15% and be on the debates. Problem is Jill Stein the GP 2012 nominee never did a radio, TV appearance since the last election. Never met with a state Secretary of State to see what it would take to get on ballot or to return GP to major party status in states like New Mexico. Instead she walks in and is crowned the 2016 nomination.  Vanity……

So when Nader ran it was “not about winning but to bring a third party out of the media shadows and force recognition; we need to tear down the duopoly so we have choices the establishment does not wish to offer.” Great comment but just not reality based.  So in 16 years after Nader, the Green Party is more marginalized than ever.  I like the Green Party but it needs to be a state-by-state fusion party within the Democratic Party to ever gain traction anywhere.


I really like this explanation of why NOT to vote Green: “Sadly, winning back at least one party, that includes the lower 50 million poorest voters, is important to survival.” If Trump is elected many people on the margins will die under his policies (whatever they might be since we haven’t really seen them), not directly but indirectly: loss of health care, splitting up of immigrant families, increased poverty, back room abortions, street violence, increased terrorism, war, etc. Likewise, the problem is that Democrats have their “Low Information Voters” and converting them to Green will take 100+ years.

Your Third Party protest vote as a matter of principal could affect your rights for FIFTY Years with a Trump SCOTUS pick.  Think about it.

Repeat After Me: A Vote For Jill Stein Is A Vote For Donald Trump

I have written on Gary Johnson already:

Many states don’t have the write-in option. Writing in Bernie is a mute point. Like in New Mexico we now have 8 candidates. A month ago only 3. Hate to see the dissipation of the vote—-a person getting less than 50%. No mandate for change to Republican-Corporate-Tea Party domination.