Make America Great Again—sounds wonderful and believable, but that slogan of Trump’s is a oxymoron.  Trump, as the person and not the candidate, represents everything that is literally wrong with our country right now: offshoring jobs, buying Chinese products, breaking unions, going bankrupt to maximize profit, paying off the Florida Attorney General to not investigate Trump University or foundation, hiring immigrants to work on and in hotels, building golf courses in environmentally sensitive areas, promoting gambling, short changing Native American Tribes in gambling talks, pinching contestant’s butts, raping women, adultery, cheapening a good university education, real estate swindles, deficient building materials in construction, dumping building waste at sea, using the Mafia in business, degrading immigrants when your mother was from Scotland and your wives from foreign lands, saying you are a self-made man when you inherited $300 million from your daddy, etc.  One of the worse things is not toning down your rhetoric and allowing your supporters to commit violence in your name.  If he can’t run a business on the up-and-up how can he run the country?

Wow!  How can people support him just on these merits?  Never mind he says “he will have the biggest and best policy on” this or that….where is the beef?  Saying you will hire the best experts or generals is not enough, especially when you don’t have a track record in government.   Not even on a board or commission in New York City.  He even has the audacity to say he knows more than the Generals in charge of our national security; he is better than anyone is the constant meme.   When will the general public see through this line of bull?  Even his most ardent fans like Fortune Magazine are finding out the truth:

Trump Foundation Investigations Now Multiplying

Daily Kos says this is a campaign ending scandal:

Some people can see right through it.  But others treat him like a virtual god.  The Tea Party supporters are so devoted and supportive —somehow it just doesn’t make any sense.   These people must be moral and hard working why would they support someone that has violated every rule of good citizenship?  Apparently, he doesn’t even try to be a good person—it is like every business deal is a knife fight and he is the only one to walk away.

Thinking of Trump I think he has broken the seven deadly sins; and gotten away with it: Donald Trump boasted that support for his presidential campaign would not decline even if he shot someone in the middle of a crowded street.  “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Trump said at a campaign rally.

Brainwashed fan base:

This is the post that got me ranting on this: