Donnie J. Trump latched onto the Birther Movement in 2012 to poll how well he did with the extreme right wing fanatics of the Tea Party and the Republican Party.  It was not because he believed in it; but then having a belief system has never stopped Trump from what is most profitable for him.

From NBC News: “”President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period,” Trump said Friday in Washington, D.C., reversing course on a five-year campaign to undercover proof that Obama was not really born in Hawaii. No evidence was revealed during the course of that time to back up his initial claim.

But in his 40-second statement, Trump replaced one conspiracy theory with another by claiming Clinton “started the birther controversy.” That is simply not true, according to multiple independent fact checkers, who call the claim “ridiculous.””

The whole charade is deplorable as Hillary might say.  Trump uses a pretty toxic movement to advance his political agenda or brand image (the Birther Movement—because at the time the Tea Party and other individuals who where demonstrating on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. in 2009 were painting pictures of Obama as an ape or as Hitler; parading around with a doll with a noose around its neck labeled as Obama, showing the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ signs in a totally seditious display against the Presidency and Federal Government).   Trump is a person who doesn’t have the internal sense or moral fortitude not to “pile-on” President Obama, and is lacking the diplomatic skills to be on the world stage and the necessary compromise skills to govern the United States.   Personally, I think he is lacking just the common decency to open the door for a stranger.  I am not sure how he was even successful in business unless his friends in the Mafia buried many people in concrete for him.

But to exceed himself which Trump is a master at—he then comes out with a statement taking credit for ending the Birther Movement and declaring Obama citizen of the United States.   He is “making this right” just when he needs to appear as someone who is electable as a centrist.   Just when the Clinton campaign and others were using his leading of the Birther Movement as a sign of his mental instability to be Commander in Chief.  Even Gary Johnson points this out to show Trump as being off his rocker.

The world needs Donnie J. Trump to swoop in and close an investigative case that has been closed for a majority of Americans for years.  It is the classic definition of a psychopath.  But then this is Donnie J. Trump—the true teflon Don.  No amount of idiocy sticks.  He’ll do anything for a headline.  Coming to a street corner near you bayoneting babies—hey, it worked so well for the Japanese at Naking, China.