Predicted Results on November 8, 2016: Donald J. Trump 47%, Hillary Clinton 46%, Gary Johnson 4%, Jill Stein 2%, 5-8 others 1%.

What happens in the vision of President Trump and the new AmeriKKKa?  Who does he appoint to his Administration?  How does he treat foreign countries?  What policies does he have (if any)?  Does he let Vice President Mike Pence run the government like Dubya Bush let Dick Cheney do?

So how did we come up with a prediction of a Trump Presidency and how it would go?  Well, we looked at the Trump Family History, Trump’s business dealings, Trump on the campaign trail, and private people’s musings on Trump’s temperament and character (bully).

From the very little things, like Trump being too proud and angry and unable to attend the Obama presidential Library opening the first time in more than 75 years; to the very big things like owning the Russians billions in loans and being unable to rein in Putin—a Trump Administration would be HUGEly different than anything we have seen in our 240 year history as a country.

Joe Kennedy in a fundraising letter of September 23rd summarizes it as:

  • Dangerous Foreign policies
  • His unpredictable temperament
  • Control of the Supreme Court
  • Immigration laws and his “wall”
  • Giveaways to the rich and powerful
  • Climate Change
  • His treatment of women

Who would Trump surround himself with?  Look at his main spokesperson.  Undoubtedly, we would see a whole host of beauty contestants and female porn stars take on these roles.  Because this is what women were meant for in Donnie’s world view—to look pretty and do his bidding.

Would Trump allow the KKK or American Nazi Party into positions of power?  Don’t you dance with the person that brought you to the dance?  How does he “turn off” the energized voters of the White Supremacist Movement without getting shot?

Trump being “smarter than any of the generals” would lead to a sacking of military minds in the Dense Department (hopefully not a purge like Stalin did in the USSR).   How would this play within NATO or our other allies?  Trump supporters criticized “Obama’s World Apology Tour” but what else could he do given the war criminals, Bush and Cheney, that preceded him?

What would the National Security Policy look like?

What would the Immigration Policy look like?  Selling H Visa’s to the companies that bid the highest?  Would he follow through on the deportation of 11 million illegal aliens?  See:

Supreme Court?


Minimum Wage?

Black Lives Matter and Civil Rights?

Energy Policy?

Climate Change?

Health Care?

The Republican Great Depression of 1929, the Republican Great Recession of  2008, the Republican Great Panic of 1894; might be replayed under his economic policies (Notice the Republicans in all three?).

New Yorkers are some of the biggest trash talkers of racism, bigotry and prejudice.  Just like Archie Bunker was.  Trump has this upbringing.

Will Trump’s anger get the better of him and he launches nuclear missiles?  Will it cause an unstoppable Climate Change and kill all of us?

Is this election just like LBJ versus Barry Goldwater?  That scary nuclear bomb guy.  The tough guy who wanted to bully the USSR.  Similarly, the election of Trump: is it just too scary to contemplate?  Then get out and work to defeat Trump.