I haven’t written about this, but Trump was in a military school when there was a shortage of officers in Vietnam and they were going to military schools drafting leaders. He graduated from the military school and would of had the best training for Vietnam.  But instead he had four deferments and was then classed as 4-F for bone spurs although he played sports in college.  In WWII, we had another shortage of officers and military school guys were given 90 days of training and sent directly to combat—they called them “90 day wonders.”

Trump is way too cozy to Putin and Russia.  He criticizes NATO and all our Treaties like Korea and Iran.

Trump has said how good the military is and that we need to treat them better than Obama has.  That our military is weak and he will make it strong.  But he really talks out of both sides of his mouth on this issue, and seemingly mocks the military whenever they are around him (“my Generals, where are they”).   He said that the generals in Iraq made a mess and lost the war and national security agencies didn’t know what they are doing.  This was a very extreme low point: