I’m 58 and have voted since 1976.  But as far as a Presidential Election, and in fact any election, this one has been the absolute worst.  The ugliest, most foul, putrid display of kneecapping politics.  A downright brawl with revelations about Trump in particular that Republicans refuse to disavow or distance themselves from—and they receive very little backlash from this.  We are all so entrenched, that like Trump said: he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in Manhattan and get away with it.

I know that Lee Atwater did very nasty stuff like this for the two Bushes (“McCain fathered a Black child” ads in South Carolina), but I just saw it after the fact and not in real time.  The three debates were unbelievable in their lack of answers to issues and in the posturing of the candidates and their hemming and hawing, bickering and the general inability of the moderators to get control (just turn off their microphones —damn it!).

So what happens on November 9th and after Inauguration Day?  How do we heal this country?  how do we deal with the “deplorables” on both sides?

We really need to re-establish Trust in Government.  I know after this election it seems like there is no hope left. Both sides are pretty fed up.  Obstructionism as a method of governance will do this.  We need to figure out a way to heal like (Black) Marianne Williamson did after Florida 2000.  The disenfranchisement of Black people in Florida was the topic of talks in the NAACP for the next four years.  Maybe this can also help: https://williamhenrymee.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/trust-in-government/

Barbara Ehrenreich’s article: Forget fear and loathing. The US election inspires projectile vomiting: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/03/us-election-projectile-vomiting-barbara-ehrenreich, is a good start.  She says: “The most sordid side of our democracy has been laid out for all to see. But that’s only the beginning: whoever wins, the mutual revulsion will only intensify.”  Then this is the main problem how to deal with the KKK and those extremists mainly on the right that feel the country is broken and only revolution will achieve their means.  How do we get them to slide back into the woodwork, after they have rises their ugly heads for Trump?  Because from all indicators these are dangerous people and they are angry.

The Black Lives Movement was denied by many White people who felt that racism no longer existed in this country.  Many unemployed, underemployed and losing houses and pensions and just opportunities in general.  Most times better economic conditions can help but this is almost like Germany 1933.