So I looked up at the clouds Veterans’ Day 11-11-2016, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the oldest Capitol City in the United States, and saw a silhouette of a map of the United States with the sun shining through it in the heartland, and another cloud over Florida, and thought another day has come!  The sun was hope and the cloud over Florida was indeed how we looked at Florida all day in the election results (both in 2016 and 2000).

What I saw didn’t always look like that and in fact we had a perfect Italy with a island of Sicily by it, until the bigger cloud ran into Italy making it Florida and Sicily moved across Italy.  Maybe I was craving a pizza at first, but later my eyes opened to the fact that whatever will be, will be.  Possibly, ordinary men thrust into leadership, like our Veterans often are, can be or are forced to be, extraordinary men of leadership.

From the most primitive times, elders and respected members of our tribes and communities have looked to the sky for signs and omens.  So today, proves no different, in an election that proved so disheartening for many if not all (no one could condone the tone of the Presidential campaign); we are seeking comfort and reassurance.  Whether it be a sign of God, a symbol of nature or just a coincidence, myself and hopefully others who saw it, can take an inner feeling or hope and project it forward in our lives.  We are seeking unity as a nation and good fortune towards us as a people; the We The People.

The anger and hate that so many gave or faced during this campaign seems to be drying up.  The disappointment and elation that others felt will also eventually dry up.  I noticed no gloating or flag burning.  The emotions of the We The People must settle down into rational thought and thoughtful action.  We can and must work this out.